The most desirable jobs in IT-Part I

The most desirable jobs in IT-Part I

Programmers, like other professional groups, have an image of their ideal employer and know perfectly well where they would like to work. Companies such as Google, IBM and Microsoft are still in the forefront of desirable places where you can develop your career. But does working in such corporations have only positive aspects?

Recently, we wrote on the blog bulldogjob about what most often motivates programmers to work and what makes it specialists able to cultivate the maximum layers of creativity in the implementation of projects. Now we would like to devote a few words to the issue of the most desirable employers in the IT industry, and in fact we will check why these, and not other companies, are perceived by them as desirable jobs. It is also worth to find out whether the work, for example, in Google, Microsoft, or IBM has only bright sides.

In addition to attractive earnings, developers are looking primarily for development opportunities and want to implement important, innovative projects. No wonder they are mainly looking for companies that are able to provide them with this. Often, the technologies used in the work are also important. The atmosphere at work is also of great importance. This is confirmed by surveys and surveys-for 91% of respondents, companies that provide unique know-how, modern work tools (52%) and work-life balance (36%) are ideal jobs. Among the employers who provide all this, for many years the same companies have been constantly mentioned:

Google-or just prestige?

Until recently, the concern from Mountain View in all, especially American, rankings flatly declassed other employers. Although recently it has changed a bit (in the last ranking of the portal Glassdoor took only 8th place), still many developers would like to work here.

In the eyes of IT professionals, Google is above all prestige, with which comes the opportunity: to participate in technology projects on a global scale, to create new technological trends, to develop innovative solutions and products that will be used by billions of people around the world. Google is also associated with an original approach to employees, providing them with various amenities and entertainment (free lunches and cafes, free parking, excursions, massage parlor, etc.). But let no one be deceived by this almost fairy-tale relay race. Developers who take a job at Google are under enormous pressure, join a very ambitious group, where there is a huge competition. This is confirmed by one of the former employees of the concern in an interview with Business Insider. He also adds that many engineers behave very arrogantly towards their colleagues, they believe that they are better than others and it is difficult to argue with them in substance. It turns out that only extremely talented individuals who constantly create something new can break out there. Google is also betting on open spaces where it is difficult to focus. Developers who would like to perform even some of the duties remotely, because Google does not allow it, may also have a problem. Well, as you can see, even such attractive employers also have their drawbacks.

Microsoft – constantly interesting challenges

Although Microsoft’s best days seem to be behind it, it is still a company that many developers would like to work for. It was the concern from Redmond that won the great place to work Institute’s “best places to work poland 2015” competition in the category of large companies (over 500 employees), but already in this year’s edition Microsoft took second place behind Cisco Poland. On the other hand, in the list of companies with the best revenues, the magazine “Fortune” ranked Microsoft on the 25th position, and this is the best result of this company for years. This shows that there is still a lot of potential in Microsoft. However, let’s return to the concern with Redmond as an employer.

Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, is very positive about his work at Microsoft. He claims that spending a quarter there taught him more than going to Harvard. Many programmers have a similar opinion. Working at Microsoft is still interesting challenges and participation in innovative ventures. This employer focuses on efficiency and puts increasing emphasis on technologies related to cloud platforms.

We invite you to read the second part of the article soon, we will learn more jobs desired by programmers.

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