The market of virtual reality games is growing annually by 67%. "Tribute to fashion"

– Virtual reality is something like the 3D effect on TVs that we a few years ago, I tried to imagine how the future of this platform, which is already very politely uwiądł somewhere on the side of the road, – says Alexei Uchański, the President of the Studio Movie Games.

Despite these experts of the video games industry, written for virtual reality occurs more and more. In March 2018, he debuted on the market-Poland game “The Wizards”, which brings the user into the world of magic, and the task of the player is to save the world from danger. The game combines VR technology technology motor skills – accuracy and use of spells is through the performance of certain gestures, and, Mr. Callen, making a motion with her head.

One of the most popular and highest-rated games, adapted to virtual reality, presented in 2017, “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” by a Japanese developer Capcom. The player assumes the role of Ethan’s looking for his missing wife. For this purpose he goes to the mansion, where he must face a zombie attack.

– Games are becoming more advanced, gaming devices become more powerful, they form more and more realistic, subscribers to the reality of the image, the animation, and I have a lot of question marks about whether solutions such as VR technology propulsion outside the niche. The game will become more beautiful, more appealing, but, nevertheless, we will consume it in the same format in which it takes place twenty years, predicts Alex Uchański.

The boom in the technology of VR games in the world, however, continues. For the year 2018 are announced the premiere of a few promising VR games. This, by the way, “Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown”, then there is an arcade in which the player sits at the helm of the combat aircraft. The largest share in the created virtual reality games are, however, shooting. One of the names that debut was declared for the current year, “Alvo”. It is inspired by the legendary Counter Strike shooter in mulitplayer mode. Players can fight in skirmishes in the streets, during which the coefficients are important is cooperation.

Although a growing number of games, there are still many barriers in the field of virtual reality technology in video games. The VR technology according to experts, will continue this type has protection, but is still at a too early stage of development, how to enter in the gaming industry. The first attempt of the emergence of this technology in games were accepted for more than 20 years ago by Nintendo, which in 1995 introduced a virtual reality helmet Virtual Boy. Then the console VR turned out to be a fiasco.

– You, probably, possible further experiments with VR technology, but I think that it is not sufficient. Impressed by the level of immersion is not enough, the problem with błędnikiem are serious, the device is not very convenient, the selection of games is too small and probably all see what virtual reality needs to wait maybe another 20 years is considered by the Chairman of Movie Games.

According to a report by Newzoo, global games market in 2017 gave rise to 116 billion in revenue, which compared to the previous year, an increase of almost 11 percent. The forecast suggests that by 2020 the market will grow średniorocznie 8 percent to 2020, to reach a value of 143,5 billion.

Very dynamic growth will celebrate the industry of VR games. All! analysts estimated that the global market for VR games will grow in the next three years in the amount of 67 percent. średniorocznie.

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