The Line. In Saudi Arabia want to build AI city for $200 billion
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    • The Line. In Saudi Arabia want to build AI city for $200 billion

    The Line. In Saudi Arabia want to build AI city for $200 billion

    The Line. В Саудовской Аравии хотят построить AI-город за $200 млрдThe Line is a revolutionary 170-mile urban project with zero carbon emissions and the use of AI was presented this week in Saudi Arabia. Construction will begin in the first quarter of 2021, and the cost is estimated at $ 100 to $ 200 billion.

    Mohammed Ibn Salman al Saud, the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, unveiled plans for creating a linear city with a length of 170 kilometers under the telling title The Line.

    In the video, posted online on 13 January, the Prince describes the Line as a "civilizational revolution in a society that places people first".

    The Line will accommodate up to one million inhabitants, only pedestrians. In a linear city, no cars and streets in the normal representation of that word.

    All residents will live within walking distance from the main objects, and from one end of town to the other can be reached by metro in 20 minutes.

    Shops, schools, hospital, underground station, public transport will place so that each resident could get to them in 5 minute walk. A 5-minute walk to the green zone that surrounds the city.

    The figure below shows the metro line and high speed cargo transport, located under the ground and manipulated by artificial intelligence. This will be possible thanks to the massive use of data and high speed Internet.

    The creators of The Line said that their whole community will become "cognitive" and will be based on AI that "it will continue to explore ways to predict, to make life easier for residents".

    The Line will consist of connected areas called "urban modules", which will link the red sea with the North-West of Saudi Arabia.

    The construction of The Line is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2021. The cost of creating the futuristic city is estimated at from 100 to 200 billion dollars.

    The city will be part of the project NEOM, a fully automated region of the country cost $ 500 billion. It will cover Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and will be fully provided by renewable energy sources.

    NEOM will include the cities, ports and industrial zones, research centers, sports and entertainment facilities and tourist destinations. More than a million citizens from around the world will find a home and place of work.

    "NEOM will be a home for people who dream big, want to build a lifestyle with a focus on sustainability, work and thrive", reads the website of the project.

    "Why sacrifice nature for the sake of development? We must transform the concept of the ordinary city in a futuristic," said Mohammed bin Salman, stressing that he is going to save the desert landscape and the red sea coast untouched.

    The world heard about some of the features of the project NEOM in the summer of 2019, after the leak of documents from McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group and Oliver Wyman. The report in 2300 pages hit the Internet.

    Drone taxi, dinosaurs, robots, genetic modification of human, the glowing sand in the desert and the giant artificial Moon — just some notions Prince Mohammed bin Salman for NEOM.

    The government of Saudi Arabia and NEON are not the only ones concerned about the creation of cities with the use of AI. Senseable City Laboratory, a research project Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) is a holistic approach and connects engineers, designers, planners, physicists, biologists and sociologists.

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