The latest trends in art web 3 0

The latest trends in art web 3 0

The latest trends in art: What happens in an art game?

Art exists in many forms, from NFT to photography. It develops in our dynamic world and finds new platforms to shine in a variety of forms. We are on the threshold of an art boom led by aspiring artists around the world. Regardless of whether you are an artist yourself or an avid art lover, to try to guess what the future of art may hold for us, it is always useful to look at the latest trends in art.

In particular, due to the pandemic and the digitalization of everyday life, digital art has become a force to be reckoned with. The fusion of art and the digital plane had to happen, the compatibility of both environments is undeniable. This combination has given rise to exciting art trends and styles.

Judge for yourself:

Crypto art

As we have already said, the NFT has almost caught up with the total volume of the world market of fine arts. They represent the spirit of the 21st century: fresh, bold and nonconformist. The only way for the NFT is up. They will become more and more visible, and soon more and more people will realize how amazing the possibilities of this market are.

Corporate giants in the social media sector have already started to take advantage of this opportunity as they become increasingly interested in incorporating NFT into their system. Twitter has pioneered this hype and is already allowing users to use their NFTs as profile pictures through a newly launched paid subscription service.

We believe that crypto art will continue to occupy a leading place in the art race in the short term and may affect the labor market in the long term. In combination with hologram technology, we can witness the beginning of a new era.

3D design

3D printers have helped humanity in many areas of life, even in the field of healthcare. It may be surprising to hear this, but this technology may actually become important for the development of the material art of the future.

Compared to the physical world, the digital sphere helps artists to free their minds and direct their inner creativity without the “physical limitations” of the real world. But this is only one side of the coin, because a particular work of art can only exist in the digital world; at least, this was the case before.

With 3D printers, the existence of digital art can be transferred beyond the screen. We think that this will be one of the main artistic techniques as we move towards 2022, especially when full-time art classes will gain strength again in the post-pandemic world.

Public art

The post-pandemic world will bring us countless opportunities to spend time outdoors. And what could be better than wandering the streets under the warm sun and light wind, with your hair flying?

Some believe that digitalization has nothing to do with street art, wall paintings or sculptures. However, digitalization, frankly speaking, has the most direct relation to art! Even if the traditional technique of public art still uses physical materials and tools, the result is influenced by none other than digital stylistics. Now public art can be understood as art inspired by the public.

Classical public art was mainly used for protest purposes or to express personal opinion. Nowadays they can be a tribute to cultural icons. However, this homage is also far from ordinary art.: it is modernized, painted and effectively promoted. We believe that public art will become one of the main types of art in the near future, not only because of the audience it covers, but also because of the vibration it emits on everything that surrounds it.

Nature – Mania

Speaking about nature, it should be noted one key thing that we took for granted before the pandemics. We think we speak for everyone when we say, “We missed nature!”. But what can be done to transfer the feeling of nature into the room? Perhaps the language of art can offer us a solution.

Art imitates life in many wonderful ways. But this is only one side of her diverse world. Nature-inspired art can help artists express their dissatisfaction with the world; it can become a powerful protest against the global climate crisis or simply offer a way to escape from the anxieties of everyday urban life.

We are glad to see how nature-inspired art is expanding thanks to digital technologies. Contrary to popular belief, these two directions do not necessarily have to be the antithesis of each other, they can become stronger together, as they should be.


And last but not least: a bright color palette! Neon art has been around for several years, but recently it has become fashionable in home decor. However, their place in the art world is not limited to home design, they also continue to inspire other art trends, such as digital art.

Whenever we see a neon object, we can’t help but recall the aesthetics of cyberpunk. She is very futuristic, fearless and bright. Especially with the help of developing technologies, we believe that neon art is here to stay and perhaps also to amaze.

We believe that art is a person’s voice for others. It is expressive, creative and exists in many forms. The only question is whether the world is ready for the art extravaganza, which is undoubtedly still ahead. So… Are you ready?

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