The largest software conference in Poland coming soon in Warsaw and Wroclaw
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    • The largest software conference in Poland coming soon in Warsaw and Wroclaw

    The largest software conference in Poland coming soon in Warsaw and Wroclaw

    Code Europe is the largest software conference in Poland. Already 23 and 25 May will be held in Wroclaw and Warsaw. This is the only opportunity to meet 150 experts from the largest IT companies in the world, such as GitHub, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix, Oracle, Spotify or Uber. The organizers have prepared as many as 50 lectures and workshops. What interesting things can you find out?

    For the first time in Poland, in Warsaw and Wroclaw, it will be possible to meet top programmers from the largest IT companies in the world:

    – Ian Philpot: developer @ Microsoft, passionate about artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots

    – Lauren Tan: JavaScript expert, daily developer @ Netflix

    – Dustin Whittle: developer @ Uber, responsible for UX in the app

    – Hiroshi Shibata: Ruby expert, daily coding @ GMO Pepabo

    Code Europe meetings and workshops are divided into 3 thematic blocks: backend/frontend, big data and mobile. Developers working in JavaScript, Java and PHP, developers of applications for Android, iOS or Swift will find inspiration here. And also those who work as database specialists and analysts on a daily basis.

    Code Europe is also a space for professional exchange of experience, an opportunity to network with experts and employees of well-known companies. During non-binding talks in the conference rooms, participants will learn about the development opportunities and methods of working in the most attractive technology companies. 150 exhibitors from the IT industry have already applied for the spring edition of the conference, and among them the leaders: GitHub, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix, Oracle, Spotify, Trivago and Uber.

    At the end of April, Krakow hosted the first of three Code Europe conferences scheduled for spring this year. Programmers and speakers from all over the world are impressed by the level and content of events organized in Poland. “It was very nice to lead a lecture in Krakow, see you soon!”, “This is the biggest conference I have ever attended” – on Twitter there were dozens of positive posts about the Krakow edition of code Europe.

    The Code Europe programming conference is organised by the Absolvent.pl this is the second edition of code Europe. The first one was very popular, it was attended by 100 speakers from all over the world and more than 9000 programmers who wanted to expand their knowledge.

    Check out the agenda here: Code Europe

    When and where are you invited?

    Technology Partner: Motorola Solutions, Sage

    Clean Code Partner: Dassault Systemes, G2A, IGT, Samsung, Scaleworks, StepStone Services

    Benefactors: Ministry of digitalisation, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, National Research and Development Centre, Polish Chamber of Informatics and telecommunications, Marshal of the małopolskie voivodship, Marshal of the mazowieckie voivodship, Krakow City Partnership, safe cyberspace Foundation, Wrocław University of Applied Informatics

    Media partners: Gadgetomania, PC Format, Computer World, 4programmers.net

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    Download tickets at: Code Europe



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