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Mit the word of Eyjafjallajökull combines the air-travel industry-up to no Good. The Icelandic volcano to put in 2010, the European air traffic for several days to a standstill. Because there was no empirical data on how much ash can handle an engine, remained as a precautionary measure, all on the floor. 10 million passengers were affected, the European Commission estimated the economic damage to 4 billion euros.

Limits have been set, because engines ae able to supply not only thrust but also more and more data. Monitor your technical health and be able to say thanks to Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to predict, a Problem so do not diagnose, whose symptoms are still visible. In the engine manufacturer, Rolls-Royce, the Whole “Smart Engine”. Intelligent is the Design of the engines. Engineers took two days, the parameters of a draft selections, it delivers an algorithm in the same period today, 2000 Designs.

Then 3D can put models in a Virtual Reality laboratory to the last screw apart, measured and put together. The principle of the digital twin is also crucial for the service business of the British, which accounts for half of the total revenue. 9000 engines are maintained in 70 service centers worldwide. After each flight you submit data to the Central unit.

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Because of the Benefits of Big Data not only quantities are important, but especially the links to various data points, is the idea of a social network for the engines close. In the future, Rolls-Royce for his service center, profile and timeline for each machine wants. If strong vibrations in the flight operation of an individual Problem, or whether the entire fleet of an Airline is concerned, is shown with one click. The machine should be as predictable as to its users for Facebook.

Pearl 15, a new generation of Engines, sending small packets of data that is most important even from the air. “A machine that speaks to us”, says marketing chief Richard Goodhead. About 1000 Parameter measures Pearl and contributes to the annual 30 terabytes of Rolls-Royce fleet. In order to keep in the databases of the Overview, the company was founded by a data lab, for January 2019, a center for Artificial intelligence, is planned. 100 million pounds to flow in the next five years in AI.

Classic engineers are needed anyway. The mounting of the engines is still for the most part by hand. In addition, in five to ten years ago, the first Nano-robot in-house use to be ready. They look like small beetles that crawl through a flexible tube into the Interior of the engine. With cameras equipped, put them together as a swarm intelligence is a three-dimensional image of the machine. Damage can be detected or excluded, without separating the engine and wing. While the data can mountains grow, you need to shrink the prototypes yet. Eight mm are the goal.

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