The iPhone is locked the SIM card is invalid what does this mean

The iPhone is locked the SIM card is invalid what does this mean

iPhone is blocked: the SIM card is invalid – what does it mean?

Recently, cases of sudden blocking of the SIM card on the iPhone have become more frequent – the device stops receiving calls and shows a message – “the SIM card is invalid”. In this article, we will talk about where the lock on the device comes from and consider various ways how it can be disabled and what is needed for this.

Where does the SIM card lock on the iPhone come from?

Here are examples of several common situations about the appearance of a lock:

  1. “We bought an iPhone with our hands. Checked – everything is fine. Successfully worked and called for a couple of months. And then they reset it to factory settings and it stopped accepting SIM cards. No one warned that the phone was unlocked. We want to unblock it officially forever. What is needed for this?”
  2. “The iPhone was purchased on the Internet. A new one arrived, in films. Everything worked fine. But recently they decided to sell, delete everything. Updated and it is blocked. Does not see the SIM card. What can be done?”

As you can see, the user usually detects the lock not at the time of purchase, but after some time. The trigger for re-locking the device may be:

  • iPhone recovery via iTunes;
  • resetting iPhone settings to factory settings (Hard reset);
  • upgrade iPhone to a new version (via WiFi or via cable);
  • complete loss of charge with subsequent restart of the iPhone;
  • reinstalling the SIM card on the iPhone.

Based on the above points, a logical assumption arises – if the lock often appears on the iPhone immediately after the reset, then at the time of purchase of a used device, it is enough to ask for a reset and make sure that everything is fine, and then buy. And thus protect yourself from an unsuccessful purchase. But unfortunately this method does not always work. In the case of temporary unlocking, the phone can be updated and reset for some time without problems. But how long these problems will not be is an open question. Usually, after a temporary unlock, there is a “guarantee” that the device will last in the unlocked status for at least a few weeks. This time is quite enough to sell you such an iPhone and you managed to lose the seller’s number.

What does “SIM card is invalid” mean?

If an inscription suddenly appeared on the iPhone screen – “the SIM card is invalid” and you can no longer receive calls and messages, it means that this iPhone initially had a lock on the mobile operator, then it was unlocked, but the unlock that you had “flew off”.

Unlocking “flies off” (the phone is blocked again) only if it was performed “illegally”. For example, if the phone was still on an active contract at the time of unlocking or there were debts on it. “Semi-official” unblocking is carried out by employees within the operator’s company, but bypassing the conditions and rules of the operator itself. It should be understood that employees who agree to cooperate with unlocking services do so at their own risk. Their activity may stop at any moment. Moreover, during the internal audit process, all devices that have been unblocked unreasonably can be calculated by the operator and locked again. As a result, the following situation arises – You have been using the iPhone freely for some time, changing SIM cards and are unaware of the problem, and the operator has already had an audit and your IMEI is blocked. You once again make an update, but you get an unpleasant “surprise” in the form of a lock. This is the unpleasant situation in which you find yourself.

It remains to answer two important questions – what to do if the lock has already fallen off and how not to buy an iPhone with a lock?

“The SIM card is invalid” – what should I do?

If your iPhone is suddenly blocked by an operator, then the first thing to do is to find out who exactly this operator is? The exact answer to this question can only be given by a special check – a request for information from the Apple server to receive data about the device binding. To get this information, you do not need to leave home, it is enough to order a special IMEI report (You can see the IMEI by typing the combination * # 06#) – Checking iPhone, iPad by IMEI [GSX]The original test results are always provided in English. In the line “Carrier” (Carrier), the name of the operator will be indicated.

In the example given, we see this in the following lines:

“Locked Carrier” is a blocking operator, here will be the name of the operator’s company. In our case, this is Sprint/T-mobile. Previously, these were different companies and operators, but there was a merger between them and now in the reports we see this as a lock on both operators at once.

“Country” is the name of the country in which this operator operates. It is relevant, since some operators, such as T-mobile or Vodafone, operate in many countries and it is important to find out which country’s operator is blocking a particular device.

“SiM-lock status” – this is the blocking status itself. Since we are considering an example of a locked device, we see the status “Locked”, which means “Blocked”.

The rest of the data in the report contains additional information. Sometimes the blacklist check status is indicated there. It is also important, as it immediately makes it clear whether the device was lost / stolen according to the operator’s database and whether there will be problems with its re-unlocking.

But the simplest advice is not to try to disassemble such a report yourself, it’s better to quickly and most importantly – consult the online chat service for FREE , or ask for advice via email and they will tell you whether it is possible to unlock your iPhone and what is needed for this.

There are also several points to consider:

  • The iPhone from which the unlock came off can often be unlocked if the unlock service is active at the moment;
  • REPEATED unlocking of the iPhone (and for a device on which the unlock has already “flown off”, it will be exactly REPEATED) will always be TEMPORARY and CANNOT be “official”. The official one is only unlocking through the operator, if the device was debt-free, without a contract. But if it were, your first unlock would not fly off and would be permanent. This means that looking for an “official” unlock for such a device is deliberately misleading yourself. Since such an iPhone can be unlocked either “semi-officially” – by employees of the operator within the company, or unofficially (Worldwide unlock – by changing iPhone data in the GSX database).

How not to buy an iPhone with an operator lock?

To avoid buying a device with a lock, we recommend not to neglect the preliminary checks of the iPhone iPad by IMEI, which will show the status of the device. This advice sounds corny, but it can really help you save hundreds of dollars and a lot of nerves. The range of possible checks is large and can help answer various questions. In particular:

  • Check [Sold by + Case history + Replacements] [Покажет информацию о стране продажи, компании продавца, дате продажи, а также историю “кейсов” – были ли запросы в поддержку Apple по удалению блокировки. Также покажет, была ли замена платы. Важно для заказа услуг по удалению блокировки iCloud]

A careful and thoughtful approach to choosing a device, without unnecessary haste and emotions, is already half the success and an opportunity to avoid spontaneous risky purchases on dubious services.

Stay with us, follow our articles and we will surely please you with new useful reviews from the World of virtual reality and unlocking.

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