The Insta360 Nano, the small camera to shoot 360 degrees on iPhone

The Insta360 Nano, the small camera to shoot 360 degrees on iPhone

VIDEO-Attached to an iPhone, the Insta360 nano records photos and videos in 360 degrees. As a bonus, it is simple to use and rather cheap.

More and more 360-degree images are seen on YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere. Photos or videos that allow you to immerse yourself virtually in a landscape, in a building or in a theater. But to capture these images, you need special cameras. The small Insta360 nano is one of the most convenient and simple to use.

It connects directly to the iPhone’s Lightning socket and just download its app to start enjoying it. We choose to take a photo or a video and the two 210-degree fish-eye lenses will then record the entire environment. The phone screen serves as a viewfinder, and once the recording is complete, you can see the scene in panoramic mode, tilting the phone or swiping your finger. You can also change the display format to “fish-eye” or “planet” mode to hover over the scene. And even go into binocular vision to fully immerse yourself in the images we recorded using the camera packaging, which is actually a virtual reality headset.

Only with iPhones

The image quality is excellent, with a resolution of 3040×1520 and the videos, which are captured at 30 frames per second, are detailed and smooth. A function allows you to export the footage to YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook. The app even offers live streaming of videos on YouTube and Facebook.

The camera has its own battery, which allows to preserve the autonomy of the phone. And you can store photos and videos on a microSD card. Moreover, it can also be used independently of the iPhone by connecting the two devices via Wi-Fi.

Only downside, this camera only works with the most recent iPhone, from the iPhone 6, and it will first have to remove the protective shell to be able to fix it on the phone. But the Insta360 nano is a really interesting product and especially relatively cheap since it is found at 220 euros on Amazon.

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