The Indian economy lost $2.8 billion because of Internet outages. In second place – Belarus

Disabling Internet in India cost of $2.8 billion and put this South Asian country on first place in the list of 21 countries which have restricted the access of its citizens to the Internet in 2020. In second place was Belarus, the report says the Global Cost of Internet Shutdown from Top10vpn.

So, in India off the Internet 75 times that the time taken for 1655 hours. Such restrictions cost the country $2.78 billion Such restrictions made impossible the normal functioning of online classes, and scientists are unable to participate in conferences and publish their articles, notes Human Rights Watch.

Belarus suffered the most in economic terms, after India: amid protests after the controversial presidential elections, the country lost $336,4 million over 218 hours of Internet outages, which affected 7.9 million people. The report says that because of these restrictions, the demand for VPN services in Belarus increased by 650%.

In Myanmar in the year 2020 due to the ongoing restrictions in the regions, Chin and Rakhine was no electricity and limited bandwidth on 5160 hours. Yemen lost $237 million for 912 hours of disruptions of the Internet.

The cost of Internet downtime were calculated using figures obtained from organizations such as the world Bank, the international telecommunication Union and the Center for law on freedom software in Delhi. In its calculations, it includes disabling of social networks.

  • August in Belarus last protests: demonstrators do not agree that the CEC announced the winner of the election Lukashenko, who has ruled the country for 26 years. Security forces also firmly use force against protesters, and the Central power turns off both stationary and mobile Internet.
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