The growth crisis of connected objects

The growth crisis of connected objects

Retailers are refocusing their offerings after suffering some failures last Christmas. Manufacturers are reviewing their strategy to better match consumer expectations.

It must have been the Holy Grail. Just a few months ago, retailers, such as Fnac, BHV or Boulanger, were massively betting on connected objects to attract consumers to their stores. This new category of products, ranging from the lamp connected to the drone through the thermostat, the watch, the scale was to take over the sales of TVs and PCs. It was not. As a result, distributors and manufacturers are reviewing their positions, against a background of failure.

“Connected market specialists must succeed in reaching the general public, go beyond the geek population “

Paul-François Fournier, Innovation Director, Bpifrance

“Despite all the talk, the bloated offer and the apparent excitement, the general public does not come, “says Rafi Haladjian, founder of Sense, who recalls”making connected objects for thirteen years”. Too expensive, too difficult to understand, too complex to use… There is no shortage of explanations. “Start-up creators have sometimes shown naivety. They have forgotten the distribution margins, which multiply the price by two or three”, adds Éric Morand,

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