The goosebumps moment when fans learn that Eriksen is alive

The goosebumps moment when fans learn that Eriksen is alive

Published on 12.06.2021

There was no sound in the Copenhagen stadium. The 16,000 spectators in the stands looked into the void, many fans wiped the tears from their eyes. It was many anxious minutes that the followers went through. They prayed for Danish international Christian Eriksen, who collapsed on the pitch in the 43rd minute during the match against Finland.

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The 29-year-old lost consciousness, doctors rushed in and fought for the life of the midfielder with heart pressure massages. After long minutes, Eriksen was taken out of the stadium on a stretcher. His teammates protected him from view.

Denmark-Finland on Liveticker

In the stadium there was an announcement that the fans should stay in their seats and not leave the arena. It was a ghostly mood until a redemptive message appeared on the scoreboards: “Christian is stable and awake. More information about the game will follow. Thanks for understanding.“

There were loud cheers in the stadium. The spectators fell into each other’s arms in relief and shouted Eriksen’s name with joy. The Danish fans shouted “Christian”, the Finnish supporters answered with”Eriksen”.

Denmark Finland Euro 2020 SoccerDenmark Finland Euro 2020 Soccer

After the chants, loud applause rang out, and the spectators sang the Danish national anthem.

Eriksen is said to have reported from the clinic

“This news greatly facilitates us. Of course, these were shock moments for the players and the fans. This news that Christian is doing better is a huge relief, ” said ZDF expert Per Mertesacker.

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At the request of both teams, Uefa decided to continue the interrupted match. Allegedly, Eriksen reported from the hospital via Facetime and asked to call again. At 20: 37, referee Anthony Taylor whistled the game again to the loud cheers of the fans. In the end, Finland won 1-0.

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