The glyph has high-resolution retina projectors

The glyph has high-resolution retina projectors

With the Avegant Glyph you look a bit like Geordi La Forge, chief engineer of the USS Enterprise, from the science fiction classic “Star Trek-Next Generation”. However, the glyph does not help blind people to see, but is “only” a video glasses with integrated headphones.

The approximately 800 Euro expensive glasses are not yet available in stores, but” Computer Bild ” has already received a final version for an exclusive test. Is the Avegant Glyph the first real head cinema?

Who is Avegant?

You know Oculus, Samsung or Sony, but who is Avegant? The company launched the Glyph on Kickstarter and went straight through the roof. More than 3,300 supporters raised more than $ 1.5 million in early 2014 to make the project a reality.

Avegant was also supported by Intel, which supported the Californians with a financial injection of around ten million dollars at the end of 2014. After months of further development, sales will soon start. The glyph differs from the competition not only in appearance, but also in technology.

How the glyph works

In contrast to the Samsung Gear VR, Avegant does not rely on OLED displays from the inserted smartphone, but on the DLP (Digital Light Processing) projection technology developed by Texas Instruments.

The light is reflected by a chip with millions of tiny mirrors, divided into the primary colors by a color filter and then projected directly onto the retina of the wearer. The glyph thus produces a video projection that is roughly equivalent to a 46-inch TV from two meters away.

Connect, put on, done

As a media player, all devices with HDMI output are suitable for the Glyph, such as a Blu-ray player, an Apple TV or a Playstation 4. A smartphone or tablet can also be connected via adapter-but a cable connection is always mandatory.

The setup is simple: plug in the HDMI, turn on the glasses, put them on, and you’re good to go. Various sliders can be used to adjust the lenses to the eye relief and – for spectacle wearers – the diopters.

Small damper: If you put on the glasses for the first time, you notice the rather high weight of around 479 grams, which weighs on the bridge of the nose and the ears. After a good two hours it becomes uncomfortable. Avegant therefore offers a headband for relief, which was not available in the test.

Sharp videos, great sound

If you play a video or play on the Playstation, the glyph convinces with a rather sharp playback with 1280 x 720 pixels (per eye) without color fringes or blurred areas. On the Playstation 4, slight edge flicker was only occasionally visible.

Unfortunately, the glyph only shows 3-D videos in side-by – side mode-material can be found on YouTube, for example. You can’t watch a 3D Blu-ray. VR functions, such as head tracking, should no longer come contrary to previous information.

The battery lasted around 3.5 hours and thus remained just below the stated four hours. Enough for movies, too little for gamers. In addition to the image quality, the sound was also positive. Rich basses, which are especially fun with sound effects of a blockbuster, and a decent tuning of mids and highs were liked in the test.

If you only want to listen to music, you can also use the glyph as pure headphones. And even without draining the battery. Just plug in a jack cable, done. In the test, however, this turned out to be unpleasant, because the middle area of the headband with the two lenses on top presses on the head.

Conclusion: Somewhat disappointing is that the Avegant Glyph should no longer be VR glasses. As video glasses, she convinced in the test with simple operation, good image quality and a rich sound. Only the weight and the – just for a bit of video fun-quite hefty price dampen the otherwise good impression.

For the next generation, a larger image, 3-D support and lower weight are mandatory. So, Avegant, as Captain Kirk would say, ” Full thrust ahead!“

Strengthen: Neat video image, good sound, easy operation

Weaken: Heavy, quite small picture

Test Score: satisfactory (3,44)

Source: "Computer Bild"

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