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The German manufacturer is going against Oculus VR

Oculus – this is the cue art fans are expected to join, especially the Virtual Reality glasses Oculus Rift. Behind her, founded in 2012, the Californian company Oculus VR, which was acquired in 2014 by Facebook’s.

But these days, a other company in the headlines, with a similar name. As the online magazine “Heise” reported, has obtained the Oculus optikgeräte GmbH, Wetzlar, Germany – in the district court of Frankfurt an injunction against Oculus VR, according to their own information on the 8. August.

On the Website of the company says: “Accordingly, it says the company Oculus VR, LLC, to use the character to the Oculus for data glasses, so that the VR goggles should not be sold with the name of ‘Oculus Rift’ in Germany.”

Via the Webshop of Oculus VR, the developer designed “Development Kit 2” but can still be ordered, to Germany.

Manufacturer of measuring glasses for Doctors

The competent judge saw the likelihood of confusion because of the technical product close, says, “Heise”. The German Oculus produces no VR goggles. But the medium-sized company manufactures instruments for ophthalmic examinations, including measurement eyewear for Doctors and opticians. The founded in 1895, Hesse company is since 1932, the name Oculus.

“Heise” quoted from the decision on the injunction: “There is confusion in the meaning of §15 Abs. 2 MarkenG […] on the basis of the similarity of the Signs, the distinctiveness of the (older) character, and the industry close to you.” Obviously, the sale is a prohibition in principle, since August 2014, in the case of infringement of a fine money of 250,000 euros. The decision, however, is not appealable.

The German Oculus GmbH has sought an amicable agreement with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Ultimately the project failed, however, “the unacceptable performances of the company Oculus VR, LLC.” The company can see, therefore, be forced, “the injunction against further distribution of the data eyewear under the name of ‘Oculus Rift’ approach”, – said on the Website.

“Heise” writes that the Oculus GmbH has been inserted in 2013 in the patent office of opposition to the CTM application of Oculus VR.

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