The future lies between Berlin and Posemuckel

The future lies between Berlin and Posemuckel

Published on 30.10.2016

ARD / RB TATORT, "Echosounder", on Sunday (30.10.16) at 20:15 Clock in the FIRST. Bremen

Working in homicide may be an interesting job, but bringing the news of death is a pain in the ass. Lürsen (Sabine Postel) and Stedefreund (Oliver Mommsen) too. Although somehow it is also routine. However, the fact that the supposedly dead woman is calling while you are standing in her living room is a novelty. And zack, the two are already outside-set in the fresh air by Vanessa Arnold’s mother (Eleonore Weisgerber), who indignantly denies such scandalous visits.

However, the dead woman hit the field at 150 km / h because the steering wheel lock was locked. The airbag was also tampered with. And at the software company for which the Arnold worked, Lürsen and Stedefreund find that a digital alter ego has hung on the phone. Respectively, that it is actually Vanessa Arnold lying on the stainless steel table in pathology.

So the message of death must be delivered a second time. The only question is who manipulated the control software of the car. And the viewer naturally wonders with alarm whether such a thing would already be possible with his car. That some freak is sitting at his computer somewhere, and suddenly you run out of lamps between Berlin and Posemuckel with Karacho?

Who manipulated the control software?

Not a nice idea! Degoutant also somehow the idea that you would “live on” after your own death like this Vanessa as virtual Nessa. On everyone’s iPad, so to speak. And trained or programmed in such a way that the difference between original and fake is no longer recognizable. This Nessa responds appropriately to every question!

Except for who killed the real Vanessa Arnold or manipulated the control software of the car. With this question, Lürsen and Stedefreund bite at Nessa on granite. And Vanessa’s friends at the start-up company Golden Bird Systems do not open their mouths either.

One is amazed at how easily the two commissioners, who have so far been engaged in crime confection, cope with the technology of the future. Well, supported by a BKA colleague, who with her equipment in the van in front of GBS (!), but one should not be petty. It’s just a pity that shortly before the end the air is out of this Bremen “Tatort”, to which someone has given the completely inappropriate title “Echosounder”.

“Tatort: Echosounder”: 30.10., ARD 8.15 pm

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