The fight for privacy, drones, Deepfake and other IT-trends 2021

2020 changed the world and at the same time showed in which direction will now develop the whole industry. We are primarily interested in the IT — sphere, which is in constant motion. What will happen in 2021?

The development of the Internet of behavior (IoB, Internet of Behaviors)

The Internet of things (IoT) has long been turned in the direction of health care — suffice it to recall how many fitness bracelets, smart watches, heart rate monitors and apps.

But to care only about who you watching. Therefore, the development of IoB is connected with the collection of data on the location of the person, information about his purchase, social contacts. Companies receive this data via apps and wearable devices. The practical benefit of this approach is highlighted pandemic coronavirus:

  • Apple and Google have created apps for tracking contact with patients.
  • The Department of information technology of Moscow has developed a Social monitoring application that helps to ensure that people infected with coronavirus people stayed home.

In 2021, the use of digital traces of people will become even wider. Including for commercial purposes: to check the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, personalization, recommendations, measurement of the level of involvement.

More attention to users ‘ privacy.

While some companies expand the scope of user data, others are coming up with technology to protect privacy. A couple of recent examples from 2020:

  • Appeared in the App Store “shortcuts privacy”. They show what data are collected by the application. For example, Instagram and Facebook why-that collect information about the health of the user. Records privacy appeared also in Safari.
  • Mozilla announced the advent of the next version of Firefox split your storage on the client side. Services will no longer receive access to all the cookies, images, icons. Each site is a separate repository.

In 2021, the trend will continue. Possible new conflicts between the companies like that at the end of 2020 took place between Apple and Facebook regarding limitations on the amount of collected user data.

Increase remote workers

Forced to move to udalenku enabled many companies to rethink workflows. Most still only extends a temporary remote work. But there are those who allowed the employees to return to offices even after the victory over the coronavirus. Among them is Twitter and Dropbox.

2021 will start with mass remote work. Perhaps the example of Twitter and Dropbox, others will follow.

What skills will be needed in 2021

The development of cybersecurity

Mass migration of people to remote work set before IT the complex task — now you need to defend even that had never been outside of a building. Employee use of unknown devices, failure to detect attacks, the work of insecure areas, including through public Wi-Fi network with that had to understand.

Intensive “Messenger Python in 3 days”

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In early 2021, the situation is unlikely to change much. And after the pandemic bezopasnikov expect another quest to reconfigure the entire system to return employees to the offices. Yes, someone will be on remote and it will only complicate the task. The only way to survive in such conditions to develop.

Accelerate the transition to cloud

Again, blame the coronavirus. The company gradually moved to the “cloud”, but with the introduction of the lockdown process is greatly accelerated. The transition to a virtual environment in such circumstances appears more flexible, safe and even economical solution, considering all the risks.

At serverless technology is expected to steady growth. Peer-to-peer model does not require operating system support and control of all risks. It is unlikely large companies will massively rewrite the whole application in serverless, but some of their decisions, they can optimize when moving to a cloud infrastructure.

The development of artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI technology now accompany the person in the economy, education, medicine, science, art and other spheres of life. In the new year effects will only become greater. We can expect more examples of the forming of artificial intelligence. It collects data from different sources and based on them creates something new: text, music, video, code. The most striking example 2020 — the network GPT-3.

What to expect in the field of AI and machine learning in 2021?

Development Deepfake

2020 changed the attitude towards Deepfake. Technology has burst into popular culture as a synonym for the modern deception, another proof that even now no one can be trusted. But over time, it became clear that for Deepfake you can find a useful application — at least in the context of commercial activities.

For example, here is the “savings” from a young Leonid Korableva in the image of Georges miloslavskogo from the cult film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”.

In 2021 this application Deepfake will be more — in advertising, film, television.

The development of AR/VR

Augmented and virtual reality will continue to enter into our lives. One of the latest examples 2020, Google and L’oreal invited to try out the cosmetics right on the search page.

In other areas, too, there is a constant search for new application scenarios, AR/VR:

  • Half-Life: ALyx — successful attempt AAA games for VR;
  • development of virtual reality helmets — from Facebook and Apple in 2021 are expected novelties;
  • new applications for fitness and relaxation;
  • the use of technology in education — for example, for guidance of adolescents;
  • the care of the museums and galleries in VR.

The development of AR/VR also contributed to the pandemic coronavirus. Next year probably will be more such projects, and the technology has become more mainstream.

Drone technology

Tesla cars, drones Sberbank, Autonomous trucks KAMAZ, robotic couriers Yandex — routine 2020. Unmanned technology is not yet widely distributed due to legal restrictions. But as soon as they prove their safety and reliability will begin to fade whole profession. This is unlikely to happen in 2021, but we certainly will be a lot of news about what the next device performs a complex task without human intervention.

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