The Federal cartel office opened proceedings against Facebook

Facebook is once again come to the attention of the Federal cartel office. The Bonn competition authorities have initiated in connection with the Virtual Reality glasses (VR glasses) of Oculus an abuse case against the U.S. company, as you told on Thursday.

The background of the method is that the VR goggles, the Facebook subsidiary, for new customers can only be used after logging in to a Facebook account. Existing customers, to grant to the company for a transitional period of two years thereafter, the Facebook-obligation shall also apply to you.

“This link between Virtual Reality products, and the social network of the group could dominate a prohibited abuse of a dominant position by Facebook represent,” said cartel office chief Andreas Mundt. Facebook, however, was confident that the concerns.

Facebook has stopped the glasses on sale in the UK

Facebook with its social network have a dominant market position in Germany and with Oculus in the growing market of Virtual Reality products, said Mundt: “We want to investigate whether, and to what extent the coupling affects competition in the two areas.”

Facebook have begun to integrate its Virtual Reality activities in the social network, the Federal cartel office. The new VR glasses Quest 2 would require mandatory registration with a Facebook account. Outside of Germany, the distribution of the Quest 2 have also started already.

Although there is currently no Oculus offers glasses in Germany, and more, will you cooperate “with the Federal cartel office,” said a spokeswoman for the U.S. group. “We are confident that we can make it clear that there is no breach of competition law has occurred.”

Up to the Federal court of justice

The Federal cartel office has already initiated a number of procedures around the Internet giant. Among other things, the regulatory authority has taken, in addition to Facebook and Amazon in their sights. The cartel office will also ensure the competitive in the digital economy.

With Facebook, the Bonn are already for a long time in the Clinch. The cartel wants to advancing the comprehensive collection of data from Facebook users, it has a bar. Anyone who has a Facebook account, you must agree to the use of his data. Not to be collected, but only the personal data, the services associated with the use of Facebook -. The network also leads data by the user in the case of WhatsApp, with Instagram – which is also to Facebook and other services generated.

In February 2019, the German Federal cartel office, Facebook had prohibited the user to merge data from different sources together. The US giant is going on in court, the case landed in the Federal court of justice – had confirmed the prohibition of the disposal of the cartel office.

Actions are, however, still at the higher regional court of Düsseldorf pending. “The deadline for the implementation of our claims against Facebook will be stopped again,” lamented Mundt. The Federal cartel office will, therefore, present a complaint to the Federal court of justice.

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