The essence of it is missing. Dance of the plume around the programmer

The essence of it is missing. Dance of the plume around the programmer

Increasingly, companies in the IT industry, wanting to attract valuable employees, are moving to non-standard recruitment campaigns. Unfortunately, they sometimes take an absurd form. Is this really what programmers who are interested in changing jobs expect?

Left leg lift in the back,
make a big circle with your shoe;
put your hands up.:
let the two of them catch each other by the side.;
say no, pacier, but back off.
I’ll start the music myself.,
here we go, here we go:
they’ll dance all year.

Stanisław Wyspiański, Wedding

With these words, the Plover from the Wyspianski drama drew people into a dance that forced them into lethargy. Such a dance can remind us of the current situation in the IT industry. One thing at a time.

According to the European Commission, in Poland is currently missing about 50 thousand. developers, and forecasts speak of an annual increase in this shortage. Since there are more jobs than employees in it, the competition for each specialist is very fierce.

Stand out or die!

It is certainly an employee market, which means that it often has a major influence on the terms of the employment contract. This also shows that it is not easy to get a specialist with high skills and a lot of experience. This makes employers resort to non-standard recruitment activities in order to attract attention. Many of them use previously proven (also by competitors) methods, such as handing out gadgets, painting the walls of offices with fancy colors and giving them original shapes, offer yoga classes, billiards, fruit, provide a game of football, provide a PS4 console and organize chillout rooms at work. They also attend stationary job fairs, where there are no programmers, but there are mainly employers and collectors of gadgets.

Others go even further and, for example, publish ads with attention-grabbing photos (for example, a pretty woman in a T-shirt with the inscription on her chest “Android developer wanted!”). But is this really what recruitment is all about and what developers expect?

Of course, it is good that employers take care of the working comfort of the programmers they hire. But the Problem is that in such a mad pursuit of the employee, all proportions are lost and as a result, we are dealing with the first mentioned plume dance – everyone moves as if in amok, not noticing that as a result of this kind of their actions lose the essence of it. Instead of distinguishing themselves, employers are conforming to each other, misidentifying what is most important to a potential employee. And here arises a paradox.

It was supposed to be original and non-standard, and it turns out that this approach is becoming more and more standard. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of hiring a programmer, the most important thing is missing – the essence of IT – software development, technology development, employee development and solving technical problems. Unfortunately, this is being talked about less and less.

How to effectively recruit in it?

According to a report from our It Community Research 2020 it follows that employees in IT primarily care about development and good pay. Not only that, programmers are increasingly tired of job brokers who make contact, but in fact do not understand the position for which they recruit. In addition, there is often duplication of recruitment, which could easily be avoided if there was more information before the meeting.

Our research also shows that it workers have their dream employers with whom they would like to work. These are the most well-known brands, such as Google, Microsoft or our native CD project. However, most of the respondents are also able to name another two or three noteworthy employers. We are talking here mostly about companies that have worked for many years to recognize their brand and therefore it is easier for them to recruit good programmers and negotiate remuneration. This makes most often gain motivated employees.

Employers and recruiters, looking at the IT worker, must remember that these people have their plans and dreams related to career development, and additional benefits, not directly related to the work itself, are unlikely to change them. As a rule, such people do not visit job portals, because job offers themselves go to them. Instead, they can be found in places that are a source of knowledge and information for them.

As a rule, programmers do not attend job fairs, because most often they are already working. Instead, they look for knowledge on the internet, they are eager to learn the practices of other technical people, because they want to continue to develop.


Therefore, dear employers, write as much as possible about yourself and your design your brand awareness through this. When a programmer decides to change jobs, he will definitely take into account the employer he already knows and heard about. It is also important that it recruitment activities are carried out without interruption, there is no room for silence. The job offer is only the culmination of such a strategy, it is not the centre of action.

Based on research and our experience, we propose to focus on what is most important-the development of technology and employee. Employers should show who they are and what they do. Let their brand be associated with technology, not yoga. We are in favor of taking care of the employees, but we propose a balance. It is also worth taking care of how the current employees see us, because this is the best recommendation.

Share your expertise.write about completed projects patiently and systematically. This way you will attract the attention of passionate people, people who are constantly developing and have open minds, but who are not impressed by the offer of work with a flashy photo. These are most often people who have the qualities and skills desired by employers.

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