The end of the world as we knew it

The end of the world as we knew it

The most bizarre Moment of the presentation of the iPhone X was, without a doubt, as the software-in-chief of the most valuable company in the world presented Emoji that adapt to facial Expressions and he chose at the Live demonstration, a Turd with a face, takes charge of the Smile of the iPhone user in real-time. It was really so.

A smiling Turd as Apple Vice President of the absurdity of the world run, which is not far removed from the Moment, when you had to realize that Trump was now seriously been elected President of the United States. The sheer existence of digital animated excrement is sure to be a criticism to showcase a metaphor of the culture, otherwise, there was little that would not have become due to Leaks and carelessness known in advance.

The in my opinion, the largest and most important innovation, however, was not a new device. It was a Software, a part of Apple’s mobile iOS operating system called ARKit, which was presented at the Apple developers are already in the summer.

Actually, you should be interested in such technical Details hardly deeper, if not a technology complex, including the stuff would be digital and thus also change the carbon world.

With the Update, Apple makes overnight, the (newer) iPhones to the so-called Augmented Reality devices. Or to be United “Mixed Reality”devices, because this designation of the two technologies, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

In essence, it is a fusion of the worlds: The digital networked world is visual and audible part of the world. You can move in you and with the digital Image of the people and things interact. The iPhone serves as a sort of key-hole, through which you can see in this other, mixed reality, where in the middle of the space, digital objects, and behave as if they were real.

This sounds like a Gimmick, and, accordingly, Apple’s demonstrations, Games, and gadgets like a Snapchat-mask, which determines, in real time, precisely on the face passed. Therefore, it is all too easy, the mixed reality to under-estimate, because it is seemingly trivial, therefore.

In fact, however, Mixed Reality is the future Interface for networked world, perhaps even of a kind of homecoming for the Digital talk: the Internet is coming home. You must take three steps back to capture the scope.

From Hardware to Software to networked Software

The term digitization is as ubiquitous as it is diffuse. For over 40 years, this means a kind of more digital state as the current one. Digitalization is, what it has not achieved yet.

In the seventies, digitalization was to play the data on magnetic tapes in the basement, in the eighties, typewriters replaced by PCs, which were then cross-linked in the nineties, with the same battle cry, later, Cloud, and soon artificial intelligence.

Digitization is always. And never end. But still, there must be some definitional thing in Common. There is also, and virtualization in a broader sense-that is, the displacement of the life processes of all kinds into a Digital one. Information flows that were previously organized the analog – to- letters to flow on the paper – change in the digital sphere.

The virtuality has long held a lot more and more prevalent in everyday life, as most people have realized. In recent years, a gigantic shift from Hardware to Software has taken place to the networked Software. Concrete: The most commonly used digital camera in the world was ten years ago, an object.

With the advent of the smartphone, the camera App was the most used camera in the world, before the title went to the social networked camera from Instagram and Facebook. You can see well, the basic pattern of the digitization and the shift of more and more functions and processes in the digital networked sphere. But so far, this shift had a limit, namely, the apparatus itself. The Internet took place only on devices.

Zuckerberg’s One-Dollar Television

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and change that. To understand this is not unkomplexen fact, one of the best on a quote from Mark Zuckerberg, with which he described the Power and impact of mixed reality.

“Think about the many things that don’t even have to be physically present. [……] Instead of a $ 500 TV is a One-Dollar App is one day in front of us.”

Access to mixed reality begins with a Smartphone like the iPhone. For laymen better to imagine he might be with a pair of glasses, such as the HoloLens from Microsoft, which enriches the immediate environment for the wearer with a digital information layer. There Zuckerberg’s results in mind game – TV is the App easy to understand meaning.

The difference between a Smartphone and glasses, but it’s actually structurally low: today’s most widely used Instrument for virtual reality cardboard frame, with the buckles a Smartphone in front of his face.

The virtualization knows no bounds

This is the next digital Revolution: Mixed reality means that the world itself becomes the Interface. The surrounding space device to the display surface of the body to the input, because it is often overlooked that the Augmented Reality is not just pop-up projections, but also smart cameras and Sensors that register each movement and as a digital command to interpret. Thus, the virtualization are hardly any limits with massive consequences for a large number of industries and sectors.

For example, in connection with the “Internet of things”: A light switch is a virtual surface in the vicinity of the door, in the direction you have to point to activate it. A computer keyboard can be anywhere, as long as the tip moves in space can be detected. A Sofa, you want to buy, can be seen in the whole flat and easily digital pushed around.

Can sit, you admittedly don’t give up, but the corresponding AR App IKEA can have a glimpse of how the future of the furniture purchase might look like.

Or to walk through a thought experiment, like the building of a house of the future: a not yet existing house with the architect to discuss the changes in real time, to try out.

The world of work might change dramatically by the fact that Meetings can be in person, but virtually held. And the fact that Mixed Reality means that on each object in a digital Layer velvet operating instructions to be found. But these are only the closest guesses, which, unfortunately, often not very goal-oriented, linear extension of the Existing.

The instruments of the people, the digital society of the future present, have been found in the last few years, as a remarkably limited out (my own, too). It makes for the estimation of the future often the error, to see progress in certain areas. You’ve said in the eighties: “mobile phones are never who’s going to carry the heavy suitcase with the batteries around?”

“Pokémon Go” was the harbinger

But the different dimensions of technological progress, engage with each other, complement and cross-fertilize, combat and darken each other. What is not yet foreseeable development is to develop the greatest Depth, is not most people, therefore, is, of course, if you jump you in the face as the white shark in the case of Marty in “Back to the future”.

And yet we see, regardless of Apple, with its many demands, power problems and ridiculous realities of the world in the mixed reality is the next digital era up to pull. The approximately one hundred million people, who settled in the summer of 2016 using the “Pokémon Go” through the streets lead, they were harbingers of a new world.

And that this is how all the other worlds before their dark sides, is a simple combination of three already existing technologies: Augmented Reality, digital face recognition with the personal identification in real time, as well as in a variety of ways alarming study from September 2017, according to the you should be able to read a pattern-matching with high probability on the face of a Person’s sexual orientation. Add a shot of Saudi Arabia, and the Instant dystopia is.

Maybe the animated dung-Emoji fits anyway.

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