The development of Autonomous driving

The development of Autonomous driving

The future of the automotive industry creates today are often far beyond plants automotive giants. The future is largely works it companies, such as TietoEVRY with which the software is used by tens of millions of cars worldwide.

System driver support or enhance the safety of driving, it is almost a “must have” for every buyer of a new car. But this is not the end, because car companies even compete in ideas for new facilities that arise, of course, based on the latest technologies.

The development of Autonomous driving leads to the fact that more and more car manufacturers to invest in the development of platforms of entertainment options available in the car

– says Stefan Wysocki, Senior Software Engineer in the Automotive and Smart Devices TietoEVRY.

Everything goes to the fact that, maybe not in the next few years, but eventually there will come a time when the driver is not able to “see netfliksa” or “play ” ships” with współpasażerami. We help the car achieve this goal. We use our years of experience in the field of multimedia devices and various gadgets. After many successful projects, we get some “courage” of the task.

Work on them is in a special section of the Automotive. Our portfolio includes, above all, the projects in the field of entertainment platforms, available in modern cars, based on Android Automotivebut also the implementation responsible for critical functions in the car.

We supply software for vehicles, which already drive on the roads, and the premiere of which is scheduled for the coming years. Car manufacturers and their suppliers are the experts when it comes to the automotive market, but they lack experience on the Android platform.

explains Stefan Vysotsky.

Luckily for us, the current market “demands” that were “fashionable operating systems” such as Android. We have the experience and capabilities that allow us to tell clients which direction to develop their platform.

This “base”, it is primarily qualified professionals with years of experience in the field of embedded systems, Linux, Android platform, or programming language C++. The team, however, is expanding all the time, because new tasks are not enough.

Currently we are looking for people for several positions in the area of Automotive – at different levels of seniority, from the Youngest to the Architect. Are welcome professionals with knowledge and experience in infrastructure development and components of Android. Persons previously working with Linux platformsshould not have any problems with the implementation in our projects. And due to the promising nature of the field, we also the entrance to training programmes related to the competencies Android Automotive. This is a great opportunity for developers outside of this specialization.

– adds Catherine Volskaya – Country HR Manager.

And the problem is definitely not enough. In addition to ongoing projects, we are also engaged in research workthat ewaluują different solutions.

says Stefan Vysotsky.

We also work in organizations that form the standards in the industry, we are active participants of the consortium of AUTOSAR and GENIVI. We meet there and share their experience with the community, architects and representatives of giants such as Volvo, JLR, BMW, Mercedes Benz. Thus, all the time “keep our finger on the pulse” and know where the market is heading.

About TietoEVRY

TietoEVRY is the leading in Europe, America, the it company providing services in the field of construction and development of complex information systems using the latest technologies. The origins of the company date back to 1968. For several years, from the headquarters in Helsinki, the company expanded its operations by opening subsidiaries in more than 20 countries.

The Polish branch of the company TietoEVRY was opened in 2006. Among the company’s clients there are representatives of the private sector and the state. Thanks to the work of tens of thousands of experts TietoEVRY able to provide their services on a global level, at all stages of product development

TietoEVRY has branches in Szczecin, Wroclaw and Krakow. For several years the Polish squad TietoEVRY is at the forefront of expert software.

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