The developers have taught the AI to win games, even not knowing the rules

The British company DeepMind presented artificial intelligence MuZero able to learn the rules of the game right at the time of Dating her, reports the BBC.

The company claims that their new artificial intelligence MuZero achieved mastery in dozens of Atari video games, chess, Board games Go and Shogi. It uses the search tree and the model of learning that allows artificial intelligence to achieve extraordinary performance not even knowing the rules.

MuZero uses a technique in machine learning that uses a multilayer neural network. Thus the machine self-teaches himself new skills by trial and error the success it receives a “reward”, but she never tells you what to do.

The developers say that soon MuZero can be applied in practice. For example, you want him to develop a new kind of video compression that could help YouTube platform to reduce the cost of storage. In addition, the company notes that the technology can be useful to create virtual assistants a new generation of technologies of personalized medicine and in search and rescue technology.

  • For the first time in the history of AI was ruled by military aircraft of the United States.
  • Facebook is developing a news publication with a new format, using artificial intelligence.

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