The complete Presence Platform SDK now available for developers

The complete Presence Platform SDK now available for developers

As Mark Zuckerberg announced during the first contact with Project Cambria last May, the complete SDK of the tools included in the Presence Platform has already been made available to any developer who wants to create mixed reality experiences for Meta Quest.

With mixed reality, since you can see the world around you, you can allow yourself to be more ambitious in your movements. This opens up a lot of opportunities to take games to more places than the living room at home,” says Mathieu Castelli, creative director of Resolution Games

This studio is the creator of mixed reality experience Fish Under Our Feet for Meta Quest, with which we will discover that under the floor of our living room hides a lake full of fish that we can catch. These types of experiences, now still very basic, will take a leap in autumn when Meta’s high-end viewfinder with color cameras is launched.

In addition to what was presented at last year’s Connect, Presence Platform now includes the function Scene, which provides geometric and semantic representations of the spaces surrounding the user. It works by adding the Passthrough with Spatial Anchors and will serve to create mixed reality experiences at room scale, taking into account that there may be doors, windows and furniture, something that we can define ourselves using the experimental Room Configuration option from the v40.

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