The best result in the history of radio ESKA

In the same period, Radio Eska also recorded the largest growth in the radio market in the group of 15-75 years. The station’s market share was 8.3%. (up 1.3 points. proc. compared to the wave of a year ago). In the commercial age group of 16-49 years, Eska achieved a score of 12 percent. (an increase of 1.5 points. proc).

Shares in these groups are the best result of the station since 2014.

-This is the result of a consistent program and promotion strategy implemented by a fantastic, professional team. The musical offer, or more broadly-entertainment, today is stunning for young people. We are all the more pleased that despite such a huge competition Eska remains attractive to a young audience, and our slogan “hits on time” is still synonymous with what is best and most popular at the moment in pop music. In creating radio hits for a mass audience, Eska has long had no equal on the Polish market, and this is a factor, ” says Olgierd Wojtkowiak, Program & music director of radio Eska.

-Programmatic and promotional actions are also effective, which on the one hand provide attractive content on the air, and on the other hand are a carrier of brand identity, also in the online world. Listeners appreciated our formats implemented in the first half of the year, such as” ESKA refuels to full “or local” Eska delivers ” – he adds.

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