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    The best reports of the"world" -videoreporter

    Published on 11.12.2015

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    The refugee crisis-our video team has also kept the mass flight to Europe in suspense this year. With the camera, the journalists were at the decisive focal points of the crisis: at the external borders of Europe, the cracks and abysses of the crisis can be experienced most impressively. The audience was particularly interested in one of our most emotional reports by Christiane Wittenbecher about the rescuers on the Greek island of Lesbos.

    The crisis also has dramatic consequences off the flight path. Uncertainty and powerlessness can be felt down to the smallest community in Germany. Our reporters were also in the small town of Nauen in Brandenburg, the place where a refugee shelter burned in the summer, shortly before it could be moved in. What took place in front of the camera of our video reporter Noemi Mihalovici shows in unusual clarity how much hatred has become everyday life in the small town.

    This is by no means the only horror that refugees in Germany face. Even in the supposed security of a refugee shelter, many are haunted by the madness of their past. Louisa Lagé shows what excesses this can have in the portrait of a young Syrian woman for whom there is no life without fear.

    The will not to be repulsed by the repulsive, but to stay tuned to penetrate the minds of the perpetrators – he led our reporters Michael Ginsburg and Paul Henschel earlier this year. The video journalists have shot remarkable portraits in the execution of the measure in Ansbach. The reporters wanted to understand what goes on in child molesters and rapists.

    On the other hand, Noemi Mihalovici’s remarkable insight into the psyche of people suffering from the so-called Body integrity Identity Disorder is no less extreme. The greatest fulfillment these people find in separating from one of their body parts by amputation.

    For the tenth anniversary of YouTube, Christiane Wittenbecher and Henrik Neumann dealt massively with the topic at the beginning of the year. But they did not want to be content with describing a phenomenon and portraying youtubers. They wanted to dive deep into this world that is so multifaceted and yet still runs under the radar for most. An example of this was our visit to the youtubers “The Lochis”, the two teenagers who are among the absolute Youtube superstars.

    Likewise, largely unobserved by the mainstream, an enormously large scene emerged in the e-sports sector, which keeps millions of people in suspense. The best gamers in the world are extremely young and train hard for their careers. Susanne Höb has shed light on the gripping and emotionally charged tension with which battles are fought there in a detailed series. This piece about the ecstatically celebrated World Championship final of League of Legends in Berlin is an example of this.

    Shortly before the summer drew everyone outside, an intense debate broke out in Germany on an issue that is traditionally very polemical: Should cannabis be legalized? While politicians weigh the pros and cons, reporter Henrik Neumann has reached out to those who would be directly affected. dealer. For them, it’s not just about what fun is allowed or not, but about their livelihood.

    Anyone who comes from Bavaria, is called Franz Josef and advertises his state, probably corresponds to every other cliché that one makes about the blue and white. We thought until our video reporter Maria Menzel discovered this man: an irresistible, tattooed full-beard hipster who is supposed to polish up the image of the dusty leather suspender as a new poster boy.

    In the south of Germany, Christiane Wittenbecher has encountered another quirkiness. One of the best-known companies in the country employs in its heart, the development laboratory, a small team of professionals who do nothing but deal with the smell of their product: the nose team of Daimler. For the most famous brand Mercedes, this team sniffs away every unpleasant fragment of smell, no matter how small.

    Author Martin Heller regularly blogs about web video and VR in journalism and publishes here on Facebook.



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