The best AR games

The best AR games


While virtual reality technology has already stepped far ahead and gained fans, augmented reality technology is just beginning its long and thorny path in the gaming industry. Projects with AR technology are still capturing the mobile market, and occasionally separate gaming devices like Star Wars Jedi Challenges from Lenovo come out. In today’s material, I will focus exclusively on mobile AR projects.

Among dozens of mediocre games from inexperienced developers, it is quite difficult to find something really high-quality. Therefore, I decided to compile the TOP 7 best games in augmented reality to save you from the bitter experience of trial and error. Let’s go!


  • Developer: Niantic.
  • Available for: Android & iOS.

© Niantic© Niantic

The ideological inspirer of Pokemon Go, published by Google more than five years ago, gave an impetus to the development of augmented reality in the gaming industry. There are two main actors in the game: The Enlightened and the Resistance. The game actively uses GPS, pointing the gamer to interesting events around him. The main mission of the player is to capture and hold portals. You will also have to pump up your team in order to restrain the onslaught of the opposing faction.

Despite such a long period of existence, the game still remains popular among users and receives updates.

Jurassic World Alive

  • Developer: Ludia.
  • Available for: Android & iOS.

© Ludia© Ludia

The game is based on the legendary universe of Jurassic Park. This game is the ideological successor of Pokemon Go and Ingress, but with its own interesting features.

In Jurassic World Alive, a unique system of drones is implemented, with the help of which you need to “knock out” dinosaurs, hitting the points on their body. In this way, you stuff the dinosaur’s genes, and after reaching a certain value, the dinosaur will be available for creation in the laboratory. There are plenty of types of ancient creatures in this game, and each has its own branch of evolution.

Stack It AR

  • Developer: GrupoMContigo.
  • Available for: Android.

© GrupoMContigo© GrupoMContigo

The excellent Stack timekiller has been slightly redesigned, and now you can build your towers right on your desk, on the floor, in general, on any flat surface. The undoubted advantage is the thoughtfulness of the game — the tower will not grow indefinitely, reaching the boundaries of the screen, it will slightly sink into the ground, but the progress will be saved. At the end, you will be able to look at the result in full.

The whole point of the game is to build huge towers from platforms that hover over its base. You must tap the screen in time and try not to waste the width of the blocks, otherwise the complexity of the game will increase significantly. Stack It AR perfectly synchronizes the image with the surface, so there should be no problems when playing.

The Machines

  • Developer: Directive Games.
  • Available for: iOS.

© Directive Games© Directive Games

For fans of RTS (Real-time strategies) this game will give you an incredible experience and, perhaps, will realize the dream of childhood. The Machines builds a grid on a flat surface, and then projects a game map. The Machines follows all the canons of RTS games: there are two sides, two bases and a bunch of different units, and all this splendor is right on your table!

Kings of Pool

  • Developer: Uken Games.
  • Available for: Android & iOS

© Uken Games© Uken Games

The game is for those who do not particularly like dynamics and prefer a measured and careful gameplay. Kings of Pool works exactly the same as all games in augmented reality, that is, in order to start a game of billiards, you just need to find a flat surface. In addition, this game has the ability to adjust the size of the table, which will allow you to play billiards under almost any conditions.

AR Dragon

  • Developer: PlaySide.
  • Available for: iOS.

© PlaySide© PlaySide

Do you remember how popular games like My Talking Tom were once? In such games, you have to take care of your pet: feed, water, dress, entertain, equip housing — in fact, this is a kind of rebirth of the legendary Tamagotchi.

So, on devices running iOS, you can play with the dragon in augmented reality. You need to point the device at the surface, and now, the dragon is already sitting and waiting for you to feed it. In AR Dragon, the dragon evolution system is implemented, one year in the game is equal to one day in life.

AR Sports Basketball

  • Developer: Triangle Factory.
  • Available for: iOS.

© Triangle Factory© Triangle Factory

Another game in augmented reality, which is dedicated to sports topics. But here you will have to perform a “dance with a tambourine” and find a QR code that will allow the game to recognize the surface and superimpose images of a basketball ring and a ball on it.

AR Sports Basketball is simple to the point of impossibility, as for me, the beauty of this project lies in its simplicity. The only thing you need to do in this game is to hit the ring accurately and not shake the camera, and also not take it away from the QR code.


I’ll be honest with you: at this stage, AR technologies have rather vague prospects in the video game industry. Individual devices are not yet sufficiently developed to give players a really high-quality gaming experience.

Well, judging by mobile platforms, you can already see how studios are massively exploiting the Ingress concept, without bringing anything innovative to the AR games segment. In fact, now this genre has fallen into the abyss of self-copying, and we can only hope that someday talented developers will completely change the idea of AR games.

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