The alarming visions of Mark Zuckerberg

The alarming visions of Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been on Tuesday of questions from users of its social network. In addition to prominent authors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Stephen Hawking were also normal users to the head of the company. Zuckerberg formulated in the question-and-answer session, amazing concrete visions of how he imagines the world as a Whole in the future – and how Facebook uses already, artificial intelligence (AI). The one or the other is likely to be become scared.

Zuckerberg said, for example, Facebook, the focus is in its AI research on the content, the parts of the network users. He had also concrete examples of the Council of Europe: Charging someone a photo, to see one of his friends, then Facebook will make sure that the Depicted gets to see the photo. Someone post photos of dogs and write about politics, “then should we understand this, so that we can view this Post people, the dogs, and policy, in order to bring you in contact with them”.

To this end, in the process, “to develop AI systems, which are our primary sense, better than human: visual perception, hearing, and so on”. Facebook am working on a System that can recognize everything, what you see on a photo or in a Video, “people, objects, scenes, and so on”. Such a System must be able to understand in addition, the relationships.

In the area of recognition to voice’m working on it, “to translate Speech into Text from any language into another, and to answer because any natural language questions”. Such techniques are also several other companies, especially Apple and Google are working.

Facebook has already hired in 2013, one skilled in the art for so-called Deep Learning Yann LeCun of New York University. Meanwhile, the company’s AI labs in New York, Paris, and at the headquarters in Menlo Park, operates and has only acquired this year, an AI Start-up. The network group is in constant competition with Google, which also has purchased AI Know-How on a large scale, and in this area, apparently making dramatic progress.

Zuckerberg’s vision doesn’t end with the machine-readability of human interactions within its network. On the question of the British Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, the scientific questions Zuckerberg answered like to see answered in the Facebook in-chief: in addition to questions such as eternal life, eternal health, and the functioning of the brain, he was quite curious as to whether there is a fundamental mathematical law for human relationships.

A law that control, “for whom or what we’re interested in”. Zuckerberg: “I bet there is.” In the clear: Zuckerberg dreams from the predictable people, presumably on the Basis of Big Data – and nobody is available about the interactions of people as much as Facebook.

To another question, the Facebooks of the future concerning plans, replied the chief, it is “to improve human communication”. In the future, people would communicate primarily via Text or photos but “Videos will be even more important than the photos”.

Next, immersive experiences like Virtual reality, would be “the Norm”, and then “we will have the Power to share our full sensory and emotional experience with people whenever we want.” He was also convinced that we will “one day be able to send each other using technology in complete thoughts.”

The people would, in the future, “Augmented Reality, and other devices that we can wear permanently, in order to improve our experiences and our communication.” All of the fits to the sugar mountain’s creed, which was formulated in this round of questions to expect, namely, that “the Power of the people, to share things together, to be one of the biggest driving forces of the world today”.

“Will gain the machines?”

The image on the enthusiasm fitted with all of the Technology is a question of Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger. The first wanted to know whether in the busy CEO to find time for fitness training, what is affirmed Zuckerberg, of course.

Schwarzenegger after pushed, but still a question, in which he took ironically to his signature role as the times bad times good machine man relation. A question, which, against the Background of the current discussion about the possible dangers of artificial intelligence are quite serious – after all, even Stephen Hawking has warned of the danger that a real, Autonomous AI could jeopardize the continued existence of mankind.

Schwarzenegger asked: “And by the way – are going to win the machine?”

Zuckerberg replied, almost, it is to be expected, and with a Smiley garnished: “no, the machines win :).”

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