The actors from GTAV mamnou reshot the scene with Lamar and Franklin

In story mode of Grand Theft Auto V is the scene when Franklin teasing his unlucky partner Lamar. The episode as a whole quite ordinary and memorable is that it’s funny how Lamar says nigga at the end of his tirade. Only seven and a pinch of the magic of the Internet and so the scene turned into a meme!

In 2020, merry came up with a new game to replace Lamar’s other heroes. YouTube is full of videos with titles in the style of “[Name of character] mocks Franklin” — a black hero Troll Mario, Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza, the dog Chop, and many others.

More examples

Recently joined in the fun the actors, who performed the role of Franklin and Lamar, — Shawn fonteno (Shawn Fonteno) and Gerald Johnson (Gerald Johnson). Artists reproduced the popular scene in the real world and put it on YouTube. The remake turned out meticulous — camera angles, tone and movement almost identical game.

Oh, if the existence of the single-player campaign GTAV recalled not only the actors but also the developers from Rockstar!..

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