The 7 things to know about tech this morning

The 7 things to know about tech this morning

Hello! Here are the 7 important things to know in new technologies and digital life, this Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

1. Here’s what to expect from Apple’s iPad keynote today. Analysts and specialists expect that this new event will focus on high-end iPad Pro models, on faster MacBook and iMac computers.

2. Google employees are expected to strike this week in protest at recent revelations of sexual harassment within the group. Almost 200 people have planned a “women’s march” internally according to Buzzfeed News while a recent investigation revealed that the web giant paid Andy Rubin $90 million after he left for sexual harassment.

3. Chinese company OnePlus launches its high-end smartphone OnePlus 6T in the US market. The 6T smartphone will be sold for more than 500 dollars (440 euros) but will include features that are usually only found in more expensive devices.

4. A PlayStation mini is expected to arrive on December 3 with 20 games. Final Fantasy VII and Tekken 3 are announced.

5. NASA’s Parker probe has become the device to have come closest to the Sun in history. Launched on August 12, it was 42.73 million kilometers from the star, breaking the previous record that dated back to 1976 according to NASA.

6. Google, Facebook and Amazon will now have to pay a new tax in the UK. The introduction of a turnover tax will come into force in 2020 to bring in 450 million euros.

7. Here are the 15 AI nuggets in Europe that are piquing the interest of investment funds. There are five French women among them according to a study by Serena Capital.

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