The 5 connected exhibitions to see in Paris

The 5 connected exhibitions to see in Paris

It and digital at the Palais de la découverte, Anne-Sarah Le Meur at the Cube de Vincennes, the TeamLab collective at the Grande Halle de la Villette: our selection of exhibitions that put the virtual in the spotlight in the capital.

The work of Casares, on his island

In 1940, the Argentine author Adolfo Bioy Casares (1914-1999) published The Invention of Morel, which would make his fame. In this novel of anticipation ,the main character, “the fugitive”, is a refugee on an island where everything seems to repeat itself endlessly. Trapped in this atoll and its strange inhabitants, he falls in love with the image of one of its residents named Faustina. Photographs, installations, interactive works, the exhibition of the Maison de l’Amérique latine brings together the works of 15 contemporary artists who question, like the fugitive, the materiality and identity of the sometimes digital image. Among the works on display, the holograms of Piotr Kowalski, the kinetic installations of Julio Le Parc Or the optical theater of Pierrick Sorin are not to be missed!

House of Latin America. 217, bd Saint-Germain (VII). Tel.: 01 49 54 75 00.

Computer and digital, an explosive duo

Since March 13, a new space offers visitors to familiarize themselves with the digital sciences. Through three sections-the fundamentals, the laboratory and the techno arena -, space is given to the discovery of algorithms and coding, big data, machine learning of robots and networks. The Palais de la découverte, faithful to its principles, has set up several interactive areas of manipulation (electromagnetism, Xplore Touch system). Several levels of complexity allow everyone to test their knowledge and go further in understanding the computer world. Conferences and workshops are also on the agenda. To go even further, a series of presentations on “robots that learn” presents the progress of research on the learning capabilities of robotic systems (until May 13).

Palace of discovery. Av. Franklin-Roosevelt (VIII).

TeamLab: beyond the limits

In the installations of the Japanese collective TeamLab, the paintings change according to the movements of the public, in La Villette (nineteenth). TeamLab / courtesy pace gallery

The Japanese artist collective TeamLab, at the crossroads of art, science, technology, design and nature, arrives for the first time in France and invests the Grande Halle de la Villette with its brand new artistic project. Deployed at 360° on more than 2000 m2, the visual and immersive experimentation offers visitors the opportunity to develop in an interactive and unique way immense works of digital art. In each of the five installations, the paintings change according to the movements of the public. Colorful flowers open in its path and then disperse. Butterflies and birds fly over the heads … All in a setting of dreamlike landscapes. The highlight of the exhibition is a huge waterfall 11 meters high that circulates around the feet of the spectators. The event is presented as part of “Japonisme 2018: souls in resonance”, which marks the 160th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and France. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Great hall of the Villette. 211, av. Jean-Jaurès (XIX). Tel.: 01 40 03 75 75. From May 15 to September 9.

Attention intelligences!

This exhibition is the result of exchanges between researchers from the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) and artists, initiated by the Arts Sciences Workshop of Grenoble. Interactive, it returns the public to its own image. Eight works to understand how our attentions contribute to building our intelligences. What is my attention span in relation to machines? Can machines support human thinking? There are also two experiments with Spoony, an encounter with an artificial and Plantoid creature, a robotic experiment. Not to mention the 3 × 1 evenings on robots, geeks and artificial intelligence, the conferences…

Maif Social Club. 37, rue de Turenne (III). From May 18 to August 2. Free admission.

Anne-Sarah Le Meur and Philippe Boisnard at the Cube

The first centre dedicated to digital creation, opened in 2001, Le Cube hosts a retrospective of one of the pioneers of digital art: Anne-Sarah Le Meur (until 13 Jul.). She has been working since the 1990s on programming and proposes a graphic and digital work that summons light, matter and colors. In resonance with his work, the installation phAUTOmaton (until June 2) by Philippe Boisnard allows the visitor to create a self-portrait from a text that he types on a computer while his image is captured by a webcam. From these words, his portrait is reconstructed and directly transmitted on the site A poetic reflection on our digital identity. To see if you live in the neighborhood.

cube. 20, cours Saint-Vincent, Issy-les-Moulineaux (92). Tel.: 01 58 88 30 00.

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