Der 1000-Euro-Handschuh

The 1000-Euro-Glove

A Sensor for a pissing contest at the Urinal and a robot, the Fake Sushi served: At the Cebit in Hannover, also in all sorts of Bizarre discover. Some of the products are shown here since Monday, may someday be essential and popular. Others will be interested in, perhaps as early as 2018, when the Cebit takes place later than usual in the summer, no more.

In which of these categories of Virtual Reality-dropping Gadgets, it is still difficult to evaluate. We are soon – like at the Cebit presented our fingers to Science Fiction-looking gloves on track to be able to work with more precision?

Waiting for the breakthrough

Virtual Reality (VR) will be staged at the Cebit as “one of the most exciting technology Trends in 2017”. The question of when VR has finally made their breakthrough, moved even the representatives of large Tech companies – even if the answer especially from the Definition of the word breakthrough may depend.

Graham Breen, in Europe for the glasses HTC Vive be responsible, in any case points out that VR is much better today than in the past, because VR today, “real world problems” to solve real problems. Breen’s allusion is the first VR Hype in the nineties, as the market appeared ready for the technology, the technology but it was ultimately good enough for the market.

In practice, it is in March of 2017, so: Anyone can buy in the electric market technically convincing VR-glasses, from entry-level models such as Samsung’s Gear VR and Google’s Daydream Headsets to high-tech products such as the Oculus Rift from Facebook or the HTC Vive.

Lessons from a year of consumer VR

For many people, the Headsets are still too expensive, you have the right Smartphone or a sufficiently powerful Computer in order to use it. Or are you wondering what to do with a pair of glasses at all. VR Headsets are a niche product, albeit one with potential.

Here you can click your way through seven insights for the VR market:

As things Stand at the beginning of 2017: Seven insights to Virtual Reality

The Hardware is still better

The eyewear manufacturer does not stop the debate about the VR-breakthrough to improve the technology further. Nearly every business is attempting, through the optimization of the first models of weaknesses.

Samsung is about brings a Controller to its Gear VR on the market, which makes it easier to Navigate and objectives in menus and Play:

Hardware Update: The Gear VR gets a Controller

And Oculus has recently released not only hand controller for its Rift, which make the Headset is much more attractive. The company also offers additional Tracking Sensors for 69 euros, which is approximately a 360-degree Tracking of the HTC Vive possible.

Vive Promoter Graham Breen at the Cebit several new products for the Headset from the “Deluxe audio strap” with built-in head above the Headset mount, through which the Transfer of the image in the goggles wirelessly to function listeners to a TPCast.

Sense Glove with Vive Tracker

In the long term, probably just as important is the so-called Vive Tracker, an accessory, but a part of that connects according to Breen objects with the virtual world: The Tracker can connect a real Baseball bat with the game world, says Breen, but also the feet of the player, when he attached the Tracker on it.

In hall 17 on the VR hall, the Vive Tracker to – two VR gloves called Sense Glove and Manus VR Glove. They are a great way to help you hear from the developers. Before there was the compact Tracker, the objects can only be rather cumbersome in the VR worlds to install, for example, by Vive controllers to stick to you.

VR game “three in a day”

While in the area of Hardware so not is to be seen in terms of games at the Cebit New. Makes an impression, after all, a VR Multiplayer game called “Tower day”, in which players standing next to a real Plexiglas-pillar, behind which you can find virtual fire battles coverage. We offer the action game straight VR arcades and laser Tag halls, told Phillip Steinfatt of the company VR Nerds that developed the game.

Earn money with VR remains difficult

Steinfatt sees the VR industry is generally at a good price. On the one hand, the manufacturer would remember, and slowly, which content they need for their devices, he says. On the other hand, small innovations, such as the Vive would help the Tracker, “to perfect the systems”.

Virtual world of “Tower day”

Still generally optimistic, but a little more cautious Bob Vlemmix, part of the Team at the Manus VR glove is, by contrast, became. “In 2016, everyone said that this is the year of VR,” he says, in 2017, it was already that time again. A lot of money would earn in the area of VR, but only very few developers. The retail market is not yet large enough, probably mainly due to the prices of the headset.

In the case of his own product Vlemmix and his colleagues have therefore opted for a different path than originally planned: The Manus VR Glove will initially be sold only to Business customers, in this area, the demand is high.

A further Argument for the change of course could be that Vlemmix’ company can demand more money per copy: A Pair of gloves costs on the Manus VR Website currently thousands of euros up more than any VR Headset.

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