"Thaw" in HBO MAX with WADA and Linda, in Empik Go with Mazur and mouse

Two of the most popular crime podcasters in Poland were invited to the joint project Empik go and HBO max. Justyna Mazur and Marcin Myszka together with experts-in reference to the plot and the climate of the TV series “thaw” – in the podcast will reveal the secrets of the work of police and investigators. The six-part series aims to expand the knowledge of viewers of the series. The project, which at the same time refers to the plot project, as well as real crimes, was created for both fans of crime films and fans of true crime.

– The common goal of Empik go and HBO Max is to activate true crime fans and interest them in the HBO Max series. We want these formats to start to permeate. Interestingly, fans of Justyna and Marcin for the first time will be able to hear them in a joint project. It is also the first wide cooperation of SVOD platform in Poland, such as HBO max with the podcast world. Empik Go appears here as an inventor and producer-says Paweł Heba, creative director of Empik go.

– “Thaw” is a new Polish crime series, which has just premiered on HBO max. This time we take the audience to Szczecin at the turn of winter and spring, where we follow the investigation led by a strong female character-policewoman Katarzyna zawieja. In this collaboration, we offered what we do best, which is storytelling. Based on the scripts of the series, a podcast was created, which aims to expand the experience of the world of the series itself and is an invitation to further explore the themes. It was important for us to reach the common audience of HBO Max and Empik go – says Beta czarnacka, director of Brand & Content Marketing of HBO max Polska.

The first Polish series MAX Originals became the inspiration for Empik go. It was on its basis that the script of the podcast was created, which was prepared by the producers Empik go together with Justyna Mazur and Marcin Myszka. Podcasters ‘ voices will guide listeners through a criminal story set in Szczecin. Each episode will be enriched with comments from experts in the field of criminology, anthropology and psychology. Among the guests we will hear m.in. a criminal police officer, a guide in Szczecin, a forensic anthropologist, an investigative psychologist, a profiler or a former anti-terrorist. Gabriela darmetko, a long-time journalist of the program III of the Polish radio, currently creative director at the podcasts production agency, is responsible for the implementation of the podcast.

The first two episodes of the show and podcast will premiere on April 1. The next episodes will debut two every week. The title “thaw” in Empik go will also be available to Empik Premium and Empik premium free users.
Podcast “thaw”is the first original title Empik go, which accompanies the premiere of the new subscription “go light”. This is a new proposal from a leader in the digital content market, which is aimed at people who love to read and listen, but who have less time. As part of the subscription for 24,99 zł / month. users will be able to read 2 books, as well as unlimited use of the library of podcasts and ASMR.  Empik go is already over 90 thousand. audiobooks, e-books and podcasts.

– The second quarter of 2022 we start very dynamically: the premiere created for HBO Max and the expansion of the offer in Empik go. We are very happy that the true crime podcast “thaw” debuted in the application right now, when the flagship Empik Go Max subscription was joined by a more price-friendly offer. Podcasts – including those produced by Empik go-are not covered. “Thaw” is the first original title debuting this quarter. However, I assure you that in April and may, listeners and readers can expect several unusual titles-concludes Martyna ziębińska-Górska, brand marketing manager at Empik go.

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