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TEST. Discover Virtual Room, the first" escape game " in virtual reality

Collaborative video game, escape game, virtual reality… It is clear that the” combo ” worked. Initially skeptical, the editorial staff of Sciences et Avenir tested Virtual Room, the first virtual escape game in France… and was not disappointed. The idea ? Solve a mission for many by traveling through time(to say more would be to say too much). In the heart of Paris, not far from the Place de la Bastille, each player finds himself in a box of 9 square meters, equipped with an HTC Vive virtual reality mask, controllers – which will in fact be his hands – and an audio headset with microphone. He will have to think and talk with his teammates to solve puzzles or complete the tasks essential to the success of the mission.

Very smooth gameplay

At the origin of this original project, two universes : that of Jean-Louis Bouthinon, specialist of the escape game, and Vincent Kawnick, specialist of the virtual reality and founder of the studio Monsieur K. The development of the game required the work of a dozen engineers for a year and a half, for an impressive result. Indeed, the immersion is of great quality, the graphics beautiful and the gameplay very fluid, without the shadow of a bug. The helmet makes it very easy to communicate with teammates. Only limit, the mask cables in which it is easy to get tangled…

Let the uninitiated to virtual reality rest assured, the equipment is very intuitive and no motion sickness * here since the movement corresponds to what you see. On the game side, without revealing too much, it is not strictly speaking an escape game. “We find a number of codes from the escape game, but this is not one. We prefer to talk about collaborative virtual adventure,” says Jean-Louis Bouthinon. And even though the puzzles are fun, the difficulty level remains low. It is also voluntary. “We want to reach all audiences, that people from 12 to 70 years old can find themselves there,” explains Vincent Kawnick. Despite this criticism, rest assured, we have not seen time pass and there is no question of getting bored during this experience. Building on their success, the creators, now looking for larger spaces, plan to create new adventures(with different game levels, we hope).

*There motion sickness (motion sickness) is also present in virtual reality. It occurs when there is a conflict between what your eyes see (here, movement) and what your inner ear sees (here, stillness). Faced with the mismatch between information from the eyes and that of the vestibular system, the brain fails to update your current status and the confusion leads to symptoms of motion sickness, such as nausea and vomiting.

Practical information about Virtual Room :

* From 2 to 4 players (we advise you to be 4).

* 25 euros per person, for an experience of about forty minutes

* Every day from 9am to 10pm

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