Telekom and Zeiss to cooperate in the trend topic of Augmented Reality

Getty Images 528149108 Telekom Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

A truly fixes the data network of the Telekom, a smart pair of glasses from Zeiss, as both companies want to make the so-called Augmented Reality (augmented reality) together is better usable. Your cooperation and announced on Monday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “The goal is the application potential and the future of data glasses to explore and advance”, – is spoken in messages of the companies.

Data glasses can display in the view field of the wearer, additional information, Apps or images and, for example, available Parking spaces, traffic jams, or the fill level of bins to display. While the Smartphone is today, the application of choice for mobile Internet access, could make him this Position, “in the future, other devices such as smart glasses in dispute,” said Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges, according to the memo.

The Telekom to bring the future of the mobile network of the fifth Generation (5G) a sufficiently stable Internet connection. With Zeiss you are working in data eyeglasses integrated components in a Cloud to outsource. Thus, models should be possible, which differ little from normal glasses. Required efforts including hardware and Software, as well as the Displays, are still.


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