t3n-Daily-Kickoff: SpaceX rocket launch was postponed, a boat came by, the Start to close

t3n-Daily-Kickoff: SpaceX rocket launch was postponed, a boat came by, the Start to close

While you slept, a lot is happening out there. The t3n-Daily-Kickoff brings you every Morning, to the latest Stand – just in time for the first coffee of the day. ☕️ Can you say. Today, SpaceX needs to shift its missile launch, Oculus gets a new Video-in-chief, US Vice President visited San Francisco.

1. SpaceX rocket launch postponed again, the boat came too close

A new attempt to launch the Falcon 9 rocket from Elon Musks SpaceX in Florida, USA, had to be postponed again. Reason, a boat was the first that the rocket came too close, then there were technical problems, the Musk reported on his Twitter Account. More at Business Insider.

2. Eugene Wei, formerly known as Flipboard, and Hulu’s coming to the Oculus as a Video-in-chief

recode logoFacebook, which bought yeah Oculus some time ago, focuses heavily on Video Content. This 360-degree Videos are more in the foreground, for now Eugene Wei will be responsible. An even stronger presence of the Format is to be driven in order to progress. More on Re/code.

3. Instagram blocked API access for the App, which allowed Instagram to see the Feed of famous User

the-verge-logoAfter an App showed, like other people, including Celebrities, their Instagram Feed to see, she was set now by Instagram. Only a few days, the App was in its full function available in the App Store. More at The Verge.

4. Snapchat launches Video lens, which allows you to swap your face with another Person

the-next-web-logoSnapchat allows users with a new lens, to replace the face with a second Person. It could stretch the one or the other. More on this in The Next Web.

5. WhatsApp provides availability for BlackBerry, Nokia and other operating systems

venturebeat logoAt the end of 2016, the Messaging service will stop the Support for some operating systems. The news comes shortly after the seventh birthday of WhatsApp, and shortly after it became known that the App has more than a billion active Users. More at VentureBeat.

6. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visited San Francisco to see his project to advance cancer research

techcrunch logoBiden, the “University of California, San Francisco’s Genentech Hall paid”, for a discussion about the cancer research visit. With representatives of the Tech industry. Biden is the one Million Dollar “National Cancer Moonshot Initiative taken care of”. His son, Beau, died of cancer last year. Read more about it on TechCrunch.

Meanwhile, on Twitter …

The Tech News site Re/code has brought Johana Bhuiyan into the boat, you will report Transport companies, such as Uber.

Breakfast television

Can you still remember the TV series “Full House” from the 80s and 90s remember? This has now get with “Fuller House” is a reissue and plays again in San Francisco. This Video shows another variant, which deals more with the real prices of the real estate market in San Francisco.

Person of the day …

… Johana Bhuiyan is. Before she was hired by Re/code, it was already for BuzzFeed and Politico active. In addition to Uber, you will set yourself apart with self-driving cars from Google and Apple. However, cars are not in their focus, other means of transport are also part of their specialty, which is why you will be in the future, even via Hyperloop read from it.

Teresa Hammerl’s Silicon Valley correspondent, she lives in San Francisco. If you have a tip for you, what could tomorrow be important: Write your yet – to kickoff@t3n.de.

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