SXSW 2016: What is Virtual Reality beyond Gaming is possible
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    • SXSW 2016: What is Virtual Reality beyond Gaming is possible

    SXSW 2016: What is Virtual Reality beyond Gaming is possible

    “I want to ride in virtual reality is really a bike? I know how to do that.” Some idea of the other developers for a revolutionary, is John Scholl bored simply.

    The product designer from Munich, Germany has a bolder Vision: With his business partner, he has designed over nearly six years, the Icaros, a flying machine, which comes in April, for 7500 euros on the market. On the Icaros of the user with a Gear VR Headset in front of your face. The data glasses gives him the impression of being in a virtual landscape on the go – in the air.

    By the push of a button with the right Hand of the shots you can fire, directed the Icaros with your own body weight. “ActiveVR” called Scholl his concept, which he demonstrates on the Tech and music Festival South by Southwest (SXSW), “a mixture of Games and Sport”.

    2016 will be a VR-year

    John Scholl is one of Thousands of developers around the world who hope to profit with your ideas from the current Hype around Virtual Reality (VR), or even cheer. He is one of those who do not find the virtual reality just kind of exciting, but believe that good money can be made, perhaps soon.

    In fact, 2016 is an important year for VR developers. With the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive and the Playstation VR coming in the next period is equal to three much-awaited High-End smart glasses on the market. Cardboard glasses such as Google Cardboard for just a few euros, even in the case of Tchibo and in Happy Meal from McDonald’s Sweden.

    Both on YouTube as well as Facebook 360-degree Videos to upload, first editorial as the “New York Times” have their own VR Apps. The range of VR projects ranges from the App for Spider phobia sufferers about a T-Rex encounter up to a porn film, as our photo shows.

    VR is not the Mainstream, slow data to come in glasses, but also in everyday life of those that neither gadget lovers are still gamers. Some of the technology encountered in the case of promo actions in the pedestrian zone, the other Rust in amusement parks such as the Park of Europe.

    Also at SXSW, perhaps the hippest Tech Festival in the world, is not to be overlooked, the VR Hype. The topic of this constantly: for installations, through 360-degree films, promotional gifts glasses in the Form of Cardboard.

    In the “German house”, where many German visitors to the festival will meet, there will be a VR theme day, in the main program of the festival a three-day program track “VR/AR”. The lectures have titles such as: “Virtual Reality and the re-birth of the music video In the history of sucked: Virtual Reality, and news” and “VR Porn: The future is in front of the door, what’s next?”

    A Thing? Yes. The big one? Maybe.

    A Panel Moderator, summed up the development on Saturday followed: a year Ago you’ve asked the SXSW whether VR would be a bigger deal. At least this issue is now resolved – with a clear Yes.

    On the SXSW companies from all sorts of industries present their VR advances. Torsten Wingenter, for example, “Head of Digital innovation” in the case of Lufthansa, said that the company schindete on the ITB impression.

    Visitors to the tourism fair had to take the Chance with an Oculus Rift in a Lufthansa plane of space, and a movement of the hand and lead you a virtual drink to the mouth. The idea is that customers could get a lot closer to the idea to book a First-Class Ticket, if you have sample sat. On the Lufthansa Website, a number of 360-degree travel videos for Google Cardboard glasses.

    “Not only for computer games and films”

    In addition to Lufthansa, among other things, Media-Saturn experimented in Germany with VR, The company now offers two Saturn markets, with the HTC Vive and its controllers to virtually design a kitchen. “We see Virtual Reality as enriching technology on many levels,” it said in a company press release, “not only for computer games or movies.”

    Stephen Christian, who is responsible for “Digital Innovation Research,” said at SXSW on demand, Media-Saturn, wanted to gain experience of how people in VR will respond with VR to interact, “the 16-Year-olds to grandparents”: “The two markets will not remain the only ones in which we are VR-test offers.”

    Other VR ideas that are full of action as a kitchen design A Football Coach told in Austin, for example, such as Training in virtual reality can help to make professionals even better. And in a further Podium, a film occurs filmmaker whose short films have themes, such as rape at a College party and police violence. VR experiences can also be a shock or be exhausting.

    When flying machine project Icaros by Johannes Scholl, the effort is equal to that part of the marketing concept: The Start-up founder wants to sell his invention, among other things, to fitness studios, the first customer for the 7500 Euro System should already be in place.

    “We want to bring the body of the user in new positions,” says Scholl, while next to him the next Tester with a Grin on his face stand out. Yes, more exciting than a virtual Cycling is flying, really.

    In summary: Virtual Reality is on the Tech Festival South by Southwest in Austin, one of the most important topics. Not only the game developers are experimenting with data glasses, but also scientists, travel companies, theme parks, editorial and porn producers. An impression of the diversity of ideas in our photo provides stretch.



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