Supernatural — fitness app for Oculus Quest with a monthly subscription

Supernatural — fitness app for Oculus Quest with a monthly subscription

Supernatural wants to raise the fitness of VR to a new level with personalized training programs and professional fitness coaching. And offers a new option pricing model.


Supernatural looks like Saber Beat with whips instead of lightsabers and virtual landscapes is a futuristic virtual light show.


The application was developed from scratch for fitness in virtual reality and provides daily workouts for the entire body, as well as professional training for fitness with real personal trainers.


With the help of a smartphone app and Apple Watch achievement can be recorded and evaluated for longer periods of time. Supernatural also uses the music of world famous artists.


VR fitness at a premium price


For nearly two years, the Studio XR Within (northeast Johnson County, Crow) was working on a fitness app VR, which is the first of its kind, offered with a monthly subscription.


Interested users will be able to try Supernatural when it comes out in a short, but free trial period. After this the app will cost $ 20 per month, and this is the starting discount price.


“We had a choice: offer a one-time download at a fixed price with a fixed number of training sessions and additional exercises and songs as DLC,” said founder and CEO Withins Chris milk in an interview with the Oculus blog. “This works well for games, but it’s not the best approach to fitness system to help people find the exercise program that they love and do.”


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