Super Mario in Fox costume

Super Mario in Fox costume

A rescue mission as a Story, turning and stomping attacks, 100 coins live for an extra. The tubes that lead into the under world, and the compulsory under the water level. The developers of “Lucky’s Tale” have supported so Play the “Super Mario”-that it is almost confused, the main character is a Fox and not a plumber.

“Lucky’s Tale” is one of the games, Apps, the buyer, the data glasses, the Oculus Rift can get for free. A “Better than nothing”-a three-a gift for Early adopters, the pay 700 euros for the VR-Gadget from the house of Facebook.

Interesting Lucky’s Tale “is a classic 3D-hopscotch is a way,” one looks, the main character from the back over the shoulder. One of the oldest game genres are combined here with the latest Display technology. Is used to control the Fox with a traditional game controller. By head movement, the automatically carpooling can end camera results, so you can look for example in some of the chasms. Similarly, you can zoom in to Lucky, because the Oculus camera detects if you hinlehnt to the Computer. The Fox then responds with a greeting or a Wave.

The world is full of life

There are moments like this, in which “includes Lucky’s Tale” to the heart: the world of The game looks with its 3D effect is great, the premise of the Levels, and especially height differences come to the fore. It is for the first Time at the foot of a huge windmill, the device you Amazed.

It’s also nice how the Comic animated-Level insects buzzing through the air, caterpillars crawl over the Green are:. On a clear sections of the game, the play under the earth: you remember with its view of older 3D games, such as “Wiggles”.

The feel is reminiscent of the “Super Mario 64” and “Super Mario Galaxy”. Running and jumping to collect coins and kill caterpillars, turtles, and the attack of the funny plants by means of a rotary or ramming attack. At the end of the level jumping on a flag pole. That movement is being controlled by head lamp steel, is one of the most exciting ideas of the developers.

The Gamepad controller is a liquid of the Hand, the difficulty level also offers Genre-beginners success. There are only a few Places where you can fail in a row, because you did not recognize at the first glance, that a certain wall plant is a danger to Lucky.

Not again, please

Tricky some people jump on platforms that float in the room. Here, it helps sometimes to adapt by head movement, the perspective and to the lands of the camera, in a wall, which in the VR glasses even more strange to the touch, as in a conventional game. Because of the camera this is also sometimes run Back unnecessarily difficult.

So fun the first to Explore the worlds is so annoying later: After about half an hour to Play Lucky’s Tale forces “” the player, at least a part of the already well-known Level to address Either through quick play Through, or by Collecting 25 coins for each Level you have to collect for Further necessary additional medals. This approach is nothing more than an artificial extension of the four-to-five-hour-long game: So well-designed that you do not want to, once again, by hastening the worlds.

In addition, the special tasks are relatively frustrating: The pace of the game, you must die no Time, the coin collect you really need exactly all 25 coins. Man loses all his lives, or even that happened in the Test, once you remain in a mushroom stuck and have to restart the Level, a start again at Zero. With VR glasses, it is by the way not so easy to get angry on the table.

Conclusion to “Lucky’s Tale”

Of the forced repetition aside, “Lucky’s Tale” is a decent game, despite the lack of own ideas. Who has long played a 3D”Super Mario” and more with “Lucky’s Tale” nice hours, which is particularly likely to apply to children. (But be careful: Oculus warns against letting children under the age of 13, the Rift use).

Without the premieres Bonus “Lucky’s Tale” is for many players the first VR experience – the game would be, but probably it’s just a cute Jump’n’Run, never to be forgotten quickly.

After all, the game proves that VR games are in great need of a first person after the Test anyway, you can imagine a VR-“World of Warcraft”. You will feel in the world of the game is not fully present, but the feeling that on the Desk and suddenly life is also fascinated.

Significant problems, such as feelings of dizziness, it was not a Test by the way – though never longer than an hour at a time was played. Also a Person that played for the first Time with a VR-glasses, came with “Lucky’s deal Tale” good.

Note: Since we do not yet have a retail version of the Oculus Rift, we have “Lucky’s Tale” on our DK2-prototypes tested with a Xbox 360 Controller.

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