SteamVR in November 2020: Quest 2 sets record

SteamVR in November 2020: Quest 2 sets record

According to the monthly survey, after the launch of Quest 2 headsets Oculus Quest has players SteamVR, Valve than their own Index.


The total percentage of Steam users with headset VR increased from 1.76% to 1,91 %.



Summarizing the figures for all headsets compatible with PC, Facebook share is now 53% for the first time since then, Valve has optimized the report sets in February.


Steam seems to groups the Quest & Quest 2 as “Oculus Quest” — the “Other” category has not changed much, but the Quest has jumped from 11% to almost 17%. This is the largest monthly increase since the launch of Rift’s in may 2019.



Every sixth headset used in SteamVR in November, was the Oculus Quest, the first Valve ahead of the Index, although this is not surprising, given its total price of $ 1,000.



Delivery the HP G2 Reverb began in mid-November, so this data is not reflected — the same as Quest 2 has not been recorded in the previous month, despite the launch in October. In a month will need to pay close attention to the category “Windows Mixed Reality” to see how quickly sold the newest headset for the PC.



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