Startup Unitemp earns money on a chatbot for searching for

Startup Unitemp earns money on a chatbot for searching for "blue-collar workers"

The new Russian service, one of the creators of which was a 25-year-old graduate of St. Petersburg State University Alexey Golovin, plans to take over many processes related to the search for line personnel in companies of almost any size. The service finds more than two thousand suitable candidates per day and plans to recoup the investment by the end of 2019.

Today, in order to find an employee, an employer needs to publish a vacancy, wait for responses, contact applicants, appoint and conduct an interview with each of them. A long process that does not always end successfully. As a result, a huge amount of resources is spent. This is especially true for such areas as retail, the turnover in which it reaches 75%. As for the sites for finding personnel, for the most part they are bulletin boards, not helping to solve the problem of significant time and labor costs.

The solution offered Unitemp company, created in 2017 by a 25-year-old graduate of St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg State University) By Alexey Golovin Together with the founder of the CarPrice service, Eduard Gurinovich. The task that the project solves is to simplify the search for line personnel (the basic workforce of enterprises).

Unitemp is a a service for interaction between job seekers and employers online. A potential candidate uses a mobile application on an Android or iOS smartphone, and a representative of the HR service communicates using a web interface. It is easy to register in the service for both: you need to specify a mobile phone number and some other details. After registration, the employer posts current vacancies and reviews responses from applicants.

The main difference between Unitemp and traditional recruitment sites is — in the presence of a chatbot, which takes over the task of conducting interviews. The employer can determine the questions independently. After the interview is completed, its results are displayed in the client’s personal account. He only needs to get acquainted with these results and agree with the candidate on the start date of the internship.

The Unitemp service is built in such a way as to reduce the time for this business process. This is its main advantage over traditional job search sites.

“Line personnel need a quick response from the employer and clear information about where they are offered to work and in what schedule. A man has just been left without a job. He has no bank account, no part-time job and, accordingly, no time to find a new place. The user can log in to the app in the evening, sitting on the couch, and sign up for an internship the next day. Not even for an interview, but for an internship, for which he will start receiving money. He did not fill out a resume, did not wait for a response, did not go to interviews,” Alla Vasilyeva, a representative of the company, explains to

As an example, she cites the results of the Unitemp chatbot, configured for the Auchan chain of stores. He was tasked with recruiting 10 people for the position. In 12 days the bot has worked more than 500 responses and he took me out for an internship 20 candidates, of which more than half remained in the company.

Monetization in action

Unitemp earns money in two ways: traditional, that is, by selling access to the contact information of applicants, and “intelligent” — by providing a chatbot. Access to the contacts of one applicant is bypassed in 199 rubles. (the minimum price is 99 rubles. when buying 10 thousand records). The chatbot is worth 199 rubles per month to fill one vacancy. Ads can be highlighted and pinned — these are paid options. At the same time, the company does not charge money for the placement of vacancies itself.

“Now the number of active daily users of Unitemp is growing by 25% per week. Every day, 240 new vacancies are opened on the site, 75 new employers are registered. Among them are large, medium, and small businesses. We were one of the first to create a “smart feed” with algorithms for selecting vacancies based on machine learning, which offers the candidate the most suitable vacancies, and employers-high-quality responses from the right candidates and a reduction in HR costs by almost 35%, ” Vasilyeva said.

To date, Unitemp has more than 120 thousand employers. In 2018, they published more than 300 thousand ads, which responded to almost 8 million applicants, added a representative of the company. Per day, the service finds employers more than 2 thousand suitable candidates. In addition to Auchan, the list of major customers includes KFC, Burger King, Azbuka Vkusa, Rendezvous, Beeline, Magnit and PIK-Stroy.

Today, Unitemp employs 60 employees. At the initial stage, the founders Golovin and Gurinovich invested in the project, a total of about 15 million rubles. In August 2018, the company raised another $ 1.5 million (almost 100 million rubles). from a group of investors, which, in addition to the same two founders, included business angels Vladimir Levitin and Togrul Huseynov. By the end of 2019, the partners plan to recoup all investments and record annual revenue of $18 million.

The company’s goal is to create an ecosystem with a set of services that automate the processes of finding and hiring line personnel. This distinguishes Unitemp from other similar services on the Russian market, such as PapaJobs and Worki, which are focused on traffic, Vasilyeva noted. Now the central element of the Unitemp ecosystem is chatbot. In the near future, the company plans to add the functions of a comprehensive assessment of candidates, training and development of employees and video interviews. They will be implemented in a mobile application for the employer, which is still under development. Unitemp is focused on the labor market in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and other Russian cities with millions of people.

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