Startup Trends: A look at the hot Shit, in the year of 2016

Startup Trends: A look at the hot Shit, in the year of 2016

What are the Startup Trends to expect in 2016? In this article, we will give you a taste of the hot founding pavement of the future.

Insurtech: a Revolution in the insurance industry

In 2016, the startup button the insurance of houses. (Photo: Clark)

Experts from industry and policy for years, the digital Revolution in the healthcare industry. The breakthrough in Germany so far, at least on doctor – and patient-level is yet to come, the traditional insurance industry, on the other hand, radical changes. Under the heading of “Insurtech”, a portmanteau of Insurance and technology, shake, more and more Startups with good ideas on the marble buildings of the corporations.

The magic word is democratization: For where, when and how, and to insure what conditions we find ourselves in the future, we decide to use smart Apps, Online platforms, and Wearables. It is a transparent price comparisons, machine-driven advice and the simpler, faster, and more customized insurance policies. How this can work, it shows most of all, with over 300 million US dollars, funded, US-Startup Oscar, that provides health insurance for the digital age. In the German-speaking area start-UPS such as Treefin, GetSafe, Knip, or Clark to send it also to revolutionize the insurance industry.

Electric mobility, Clean transport as a business model

What the Federal government is doing Startups: electric mobility. (Photo: Ubitricity)

It is indicative, if the Federal government invites a man like Elon Musk, to Berlin, to be allowed merely to listen to, that Germany would have to just build more electric cars. There’s no question that policy, and the automotive industry have failed the self-imposed Prestige-the “electromobility” project yet colossal. A Million electric cars by 2020? No way! Well, at least the start-up scene captures a model on the Tesla founder and the Vision of a smart and clean mobility future works.

So, for example, the Berlin-based Startup Unumotors, which has developed a Vespa-like electric scooter with portable battery. Or eMio, also from Berlin, the power of the electric-powered Scooter on a city-wide Sharing network. And then there’s Ubitricity: The 5.4 million, supported Startup from the Federal capital, is seeking to transform traditional street lamps to charging stations for electric vehicles. In the face of rising gasoline prices, and progressive developments in battery technology, Tesla plans its own factory in Germany – is the mobility in 2016 in hotter founding paving than ever.

Bitcoins: The race to the Blockchain begins

FinTech Startups, the long-established banks make neat Apps life difficult? Actually old hat. In view of the progress,e, in addition to American’s flagship start-UPS, for example, the local Number26 for months, you can’t really speak of a Trend.

More interesting, however, is the development of the long-time, highly acclaimed crypto-currency Bitcoin is the currency related Blockchain technology is increasingly accepted as a Foundation for new business models. The Blockchain technology enables a fast, secure and cost-effective data transfer between two parties without needing a third party such as a Bank is needed.

According to PwC, there are around 300 Startups, most of them in the US and the UK, working on ideas on how you can use Blockchain in financial services. This is also reflected in the Venture-capital inflows: Between January and September of this year, the Bitcoin information platform, Coindesk that over 462 million US dollars in risk capital to be invested in Startups.

Virtual Reality: From the nursery in the everyday

Were Virtual and Augmented Reality applications as long as the toys for passionate gamers, frowned upon, make companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook, the technology with its own products, increasingly, also for the broad masses of consumers, interesting. That Apple looks like recently urged, with Metaio and face two Startup from Europe shift to take for a lot of money, shows that the subject grew out of its infancy.

For start-UPS from both the Hardware and the software sector as a variety of business options. As exciting start-UPS, the Google-funded Magic Leap, Blippar, or the German Startup Itizzimo, which was awarded in the framework of the Pioneers Festival to the Next Global Player, for example, are. Why the topic is also in 2016, one of the hottest Trends, also shows the growing interest of companies of such applications in the logistics, food processing, automotive and medical sectors.

PropTech: the real estate boom, the founder

The liberalisation and new laws call for Startups in the real estate industry on the Plan. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The liberalisation and new laws call for Startups in the real estate industry on the Plan. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Yet it was with the Image of the real estate industry so: Empire, with appropriate Investments at the most well-connected large-scale investors or high net worth individuals were retail investors. Fortunately, this is changing gradually, also, because the topic of Crowdfunding exploits the potential of the long-time-hit real estate sector. Platforms, such as, for example, Exporo or Home Rocket offer small investors the opportunity to participate democratically and with good prospects of a return to local real estate projects.

This in the jargon as “PropTech” (Property is a residential property) called the Startup goes far beyond the classic Crowdfunding. Because the living room is in the cities is becoming scarcer and more expensive, work on ideas Startups more and more solutions in the last year, zoom square and simplify the search for suitable properties by data from Internet-View aligns with the Wishes of the user, and how a Dating App to the correct request object. Also in Germany the newly applicable ordering principle – the passing of the tenants controversial brokerage fee to the landlord – promotes new business ideas: start-UPS such as Coozzy, miracle agent, Vermietster, McMakler or Vendomo are just a few examples. Interestingly, the topic is likely to be even with the rising popularity of Virtual Reality. Keywords: Virtual House Tour.

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