Stardew Valley has received the biggest update in the history of the game

Developed by solo Eric Baroni (Eric Barone) has released the largest at the moment, the update for Stardew Valley, which for the most part brings in the content for the later stages of the game.

In General, innovations of update 1.5 are as follows:

  • the co-op on a split screen (need huts for other players on your farm),
  • new characters
  • new goals,
  • many new items
  • a new type of job
  • new location farm — on the beach
  • new game settings,
  • new events characters,
  • new development community
  • the restoration of the house (after you fully upgrade him),
  • now ducks know how to swim,
  • you can sit on chairs
  • you can move your bed,
  • aquariums for fish
  • lots of new furniture and its new types, such as wall lamps,
  • new secrets
  • nine new songs
  • more.

Baroni wants the specific content of the update remains a mystery — say, the players themselves need to discover new items. However, if you want to spoil your surprise, you can still see the huge “patchnotes”, which also included many bug fixes.

Until January 5, 2021 th Stardew Valley sell on Steam at a 33% discount — 200 rubles.

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