Star Trek: Bridge Crew in the Test for the Oculus Rift, PSVR and HTC Vive

Star Trek: Bridge Crew in the Test for the Oculus Rift, PSVR and HTC Vive

A space ship controls are a little different than a car. You will notice at the latest when you have controlled the USS “Enterprise” even with full throttle in a node from space junk and then tried to reverse to get out. It is not easy. Especially when someone calls you, that you should do, please, quickly, finally, people or other friendly beings would be waiting for you – to your rescue. And then it laughs, how to ausparkt tedious.

“Star Trek: Bridge Crew” comes from the Ubisoft ear Studio Red Storm, and is the first Virtual Reality game set in the “Star Trek”universe. The same Studio master at the end of “Werewolves Within” puts it, with his idea of Virtual Reality (VR) visual effects and polished graphics, but on Playing together.

The most fun the game actually, if you play it with friends. The solo mode is for short time interesting, he is hardly more than to get to Know the game and the basic control. “Star Trek: Bridge Crew” is mainly a Multiplayer game that relies on cooperation, which should be potential players before the purchase to be clear. And it works really good if this works.

It is not a game in which you explore alien planets, and spectacular worlds looks – even if it’s in the core of the matter is to look for a new planet on which the Vulcans can settle after the Romulans destroyed their home. The only problem is that the search takes place in an area that is dominated by the Klingons.

However, the whole story takes place on the bridge of the ship, finally, Star Trek: Bridge Crew simulates the daily work on Board a ship of the Federation, the USS Aegis. As a Bonus to old “Star Trek”Fans, there are additional levels, in which you can control the Enterprise.

The right buttons for the right purpose

That means in detail: The VR-Headset puts players in the body of one of the officers on Board. Then, a player takes command of the ship, a helmsman, an other controlled weapons and shields, and controls the flow of energy in the ship.

Together, they try to agree on a strategy on how you can meet the first objective, to control then with the controllers, virtual touchpad, or to find at the Enterprise the right buttons for the right purpose.

Can’t leave the bridge. That seems to be the beginning of the fun limit, until you have gathered really into his role. Then lift the head, but looks especially Display screens and levers and is trying to do his Job as well as possible.

As a Captain you have to have everything in view and his people well as the tax man, you should go ahead – to the comet at an early stage to avoid and not to go full force against it.

Special dynamic with other players

Soon you learn the most important tasks of his role and finds the fun of interaction and can fly Mission after Mission: space ships in Distress to save, the attacker defences and secret spy flights run.

It would make alone, the game would be boring, after all, you played the different types of mission soon and understood. However, the dynamics, the results in the game with several comrades-in-arms, is always fun and makes the right small variations soon forget. So similar to how to make it in conventional society. The finally, it is also not necessarily a bad thing, just because it uses the same game plan.

It is with this thought into the game, you can live with the graphics well. Which is more functional than really gorgeous. You’re left with something for the “Star Trek”universe, is a “Bridge Crew” is a game that will be a lot of fun. And not just because you can fly later in the game, even the USS “Enterprise” – and in the process learns that a control via a large box lot of errors is full of push-buttons even more vulnerable than the touch screen controls of the USS Aegis.

“Star Trek: Bridge Crew” by Ubisoft for Playstation VR and Oculus Rift, with around 50 Euro; USK: ab 12 years.

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