Standard C# becomes open source

Standard C# becomes open source

Microsoft is in the process of transferring your wieloparadygmatowego standard programming language C# to open a store which will provide an opportunity for public work on this technology. This means that all changes to the ECMA standard for the C# version 6 and later will now occur in a public repository on Github so it’s official place of work for ECMA C# standard committee.

According To Microsoft the common goal of these steps is to create a more accurate and current standard C sharp.

Why open source?

Microsoft says it will greatly facilitate the work on the language, and for changes to be made to the public repo, include, in particular, innovations are introduced to the technology, design, functions and implementation and standardization. Moreover, as we read in the Microsoft blog, it is easier to solve problems by asking questions, thanked the design team, the team working on assemblies and standard in the public space.

New store

This step is a continuation of the attempts at further “discovery” of the language (C# itself is open source), which took place, in particular, in 2014, when the compilers of C sharp steel open source (currently they are available in the repository dotnet/roslyn). It was established subsequently that repo dotnet/csharplang will be functioned as the official repository of the design language Microsoft.

To summarize, C#, so now on Github the three open storage. Each of them will have a specific purpose:

  • dotnet/csharplang will, as mentioned in the official repo for the project and evolutionary
  • dotnet/roslyn will serve for the implementation of compilers and all related tools
  • dotnet/csharpstandard will in order to create a standard text describing the C sharp.

Let us now consider what needs to be done in the coming months.

Planned changes

Microsoft plans to make the following changes in connection with the creation of a new repo, i.e. dotnet/csharpstandard:

  • Questions csharplang and dotnet/docs about the specification will be moved to storage dotnet/csharpstandard
  • The C# language specification on the website will be replaced by those developed by the standards committee
  • Preliminary specification C# 6 removed from store dotnet/csharplang at the moment when appears sketch C# 6.


Interestingly, the message about the transfer standard Microsoft outdoor repository comes soon after, PHP developers decided to completely switch to GitHuba after a certain incident. More on this topic here. Moreover, the same with the latest version of Java decided recently, however, with completely different intentions than the creators of “pehapa”. Translation of standard C Sharp implies in turn that developers want to deal with people, at an early stage, i.e. at the time specyfikowania.

‘ve been asked this question, by the way, the transition from PHP, but if GitHub will become the new standard, if we are talking about the preservation and development of programming languages?

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