Standalone VR headset, 5G will appear in 2021
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    • Standalone VR headset, 5G will appear in 2021

    Standalone VR headset, 5G will appear in 2021

    XR-community hype about the reference design Qualcomm XR2 is not going down so far, because it will bring a lot of innovation in Autonomous headsets XR: best graphics, eye tracking, through vision, artificial intelligence, and more. And all this is also complemented by the presence of compound 5G: the headset will no longer depend on Wi-Fi everywhere and will be able to connect to fast mobile networks, which might include cloud-based rendering. This is a step forward to the future of XR. But still, except for the announcement of the Lynx R-1, we have not heard anything about the devices on the XR2. Even Lynx is silent now, despite the great interest that headset received with my ad. Qualcomm answered a few questions about the upcoming headsets XR2, and even if they can't tell about the plans of its partners for the future, something from my own vision of this issue they presented to the public.

    Coronavirus broke all our plans

    An outbreak of coronavirus has created great problems in the supply chain of devices (especially in China), but also influenced the teamwork of the employees on projects. Remote work is good, but there are times when it is much less effective than collaboration in the office. The development of many headsets is delayed, and the recent rumor that Facebook has suspended the development of the successor to the Oculus Quest is another sign of that. Company delay development of its devices and reorganize their strategy, therefore, it is not clear when will release the headset on the basis of XR2. Before the advent of COVID first headset XR2 was supposed to appear starting in the third quarter of this year ... at the moment, it is unlikely we will see anything until the fourth quarter/

    XR2 does not mean only B2B

    Speaking about the upcoming VR headsets, the General consensus is that the headset based on the reference design of the XR2 will be too expensive and only oriented to the corporate sector. Lynx, priced in the $ 1500 seems to confirm this hypothesis. In fact, a representative of Qualcomm do not agree with this:

    The cost of the devices Snapdragon XR2 depends on the manufacturer. It depends on the type of device (AR, VR, MR) and components such as display, lenses, memory configuration, etc. that really determine the price of the final consumer or enterprise device.

    Of course, the device by tracking the eyes, through vision, 5G, high resolution etc. may not be worth $ 400. But seem to still have the opportunity to have an inexpensive headset. On the question of Qualcomm, which can be the cheapest price for the headset XR2 to understand whether there is a way to make affordable VR headset for consumers? — a reply was received:

    There is no possibility to make a prediction of the minimum or maximum price, because it is completely in the hands of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer — "original equipment manufacturer"). There will be consumer and corporate rates, [...] but it is impossible to determine the price, because it is not the prerogative of Qualcomm.

    In short: it all depends on the manufacturer. But XR2 is not automatically translated as "enterprise": considering that Qualcomm knows all the major manufacturers, if emphasizes that "consumer and corporate rates", this means that perhaps there are some headset manufacturers that are already working on a consumer version based on this reference design. It could be a "Quest's"? We can only guess, and, of course, production is a mystery that no one is going to disclose soon.

    Headset 5G will appear in 2021

    All everyone is waiting for 5G headset. 5G is the technology located in the centre of hype in a positive sense (5G is going to revolutionize the entire industry!), and negative (5G kills us all!). In the XR community it is believed that 5G is able to extend the capabilities of immersion into another reality, giving you the opportunity to migrate some tasks from the headset to the cloud, making them easier and more productive. "Cloud rendering" is a term we often hear. But when will this convergence? When we get 5G SIM card in our Autonomous headset and enjoy your future? It seems that the answer is not so soon!

    Qualcomm cannot assume commercial terms or run on behalf of customers, but we expect that the Autonomous device XR2 5G will hit the market somewhere in 2021.

    This confirms some rumors: basically you have to wait about a year. It's not so bad, considering that 5G takes place slowly, so even if you have today will appear this kind of headsets, you will not be able to use its functionality. Source



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