Spectacular mural for the brand tous in the exact center of Warsaw!

Spectacular mural for the brand tous in the exact center of Warsaw!

In the close center at the intersection of one of the most recognizable Warsaw streets – Emilia plater and świętokrzyska, a mural made for the tous brand and designed in close cooperation with tous by the artist and illustrator Asia Pietrzyk was presented.

The artistic design, executed on an area of more than 270m2, in the bustling heart of the city and in the immediate vicinity of the prestigious skyscrapers cosmopolitan, zlota 44 and intercontinental, captures the spirit of this unique style and attention to every detail. This large-format mural was 100% hand-painted by a group of Warsaw artists, and the work on it took nearly 100 hours, summed up the work on the mural project coordinator and sales director of braughman Aleksander malisz.

The project, as the artist herself says about it: “it’s like countless beads in different colors scattered on the dark floor, from which someone decided to arrange the shape of a bear. And since all this happened one spring day, then among the beads appear and flowers.”

Spring bear according to the concept of the brand is a symbol of love and gentleness. Incredible quality and beauty in every detail to express yourself even more. In his new spring collection, tous multiplies vibrant colors and shiny precious stones and encourages to be brave, and the realized mural is just that answer to being brave.

Braughman group Media is responsible for the large-format mural, which is currently the leader of large-format outdoor advertising OOH and digital OOH. The company also specializes in hand-painted murals. Braughman currently has in its portfolio more than 80 prestigious mural spaces across the country, which can be enriched with numerous custom elements, m.in. light effects, 3D constructions or anti-fog paints.

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