Sony working on a VR game for a new generation

Sony working on a VR game for a new generation

Jobs in Sony London Studio show that the team behind Blood & Truth working on another major VR game. Its output can be planned as the launch title for the Playstation 2 VR.


The Studio is developing games and experiences for VR glasses Sony from the beginning: in 2016, she released a collection of games Playstation VR Worlds, which were intended to demonstrate the potential of the Playstation VR.


In may 2019, the team has launched the largest to date, VR title for its VR glasses, the Thriller “Blood & Truth”, which was released the fourth and final DLC free.


The announcement of the Studio suggests that it is now working on another, more ambitious exclusive project VR.


Blood & Truth

Concept art from Blood & Truth


The game of the next generation


Seven vacancies that are currently open intended for development of virtual reality: the Studio is looking for programmers, lead producer and level designer and games.


In the descriptions they say that the Studio is working on its “next VR exclusive title”. The goal is to become “the best developer in the world of virtual reality games AAA” and “unleash the potential of the latest equipment for Playstation”. After Blood & Truth Studio is ready to do “the next big thing in VR”.


Because Blood & Truth was released only this spring, its successor, or a brand-new VR experience is likely to be at an early stage of development and will not be released until 2021. Blood & Truth was announced at the Paris games Week in October 2017. The game was vypushena for 18 months, and the next major game Sony London Studio was not even announced.


So the chances are not bad that this will be a VR title for the next generation hardware from Sony, namely Playstation 5 and Playstation VR 2. Jobs assume in any case that Sony will continue in the future to invest in its own virtual reality platform.



Whether PSVR 2?


Although Sony has not confirmed when will be released the successor to VR points, numerous patents and applications of Sony researcher Dominic Mallinson indicate that Sony is making to this effort. London Studio Sony will also be an ideal candidate for game development to start PSVR-2.


In October it became known that the Studio is working on another famous VR game. Some leaks suggest that this is an offshoot of the exclusive VR-title Horizon Zero Dawn.


Sony bought Insomniac Games, the developer of the latest version of Spider Man, and many VR games, including the blockbuster Oculus Stormland. With the merger of Sony has gained extensive knowledge in the field of virtual reality, which can be useful for VR Playstation 2.



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