Sony VR glasses cost 400 Euro

Sony VR glasses cost 400 Euro

According to Oculus, and HTC, the Japanese company Sony has now announced the price of its Virtual-Reality glasses to a simple hot Playstation VR. The device to be connected to a Playstation 4-game console is a cost to the group, according to 399 euros. In Europe it will be available from October 2016 available. For comparison, the HTC Vive glasses will cost 900, an Oculus Rift 700 Euro.

The prices for the glasses themselves are only half the truth. Sony’s camera is operated with the Playstation 4, and of course, the group assumes that the buyer will usually have a console. For PS4 owners who want to use a Playstation-VR-glasses, however, is still more necessary: at Least, the Playstation camera, with currently about 45 euros, as well as any one or more of the Move Controller, which then spatially with virtual game worlds interacts can be (see photo).

Until the end of the year there will be 50 games for the VR glasses, promised Sony, 230 developers worldwide were working on titles for the device. A total of 160 titles in development, including an exclusive VR Version of “Star Wars: Battlefront to be”.

It is expected all the components needed for a complete VR experience with the Sony glasses, one without a TV – to a total price of about 815 euros. Almost a bargain when you consider that the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for the operation of High-End PC, which will probably cost about 1000 Euro.

On the other hand, the PS4, which is now over two years old, so you’ll have not as much computing power as this Gaming PC. Sony promises for his glasses, a field of view of 100 degrees, which corresponds approximately to what will probably also have to provide the Oculus and Vive to. It also depends on the refresh rate is at a VR-glasses, but everything is under 60 frames per second (FPS) is considered high-risk because of potentially Nausea-reducing. Sony speaks of a refresh rate of 120 or 90 Hertz. This information must be probably due to two parts, because the View must be supported for each eye. For each eye, the company also promises to RGB resolution of 960 x 1080 pixels.

How these data can be tolerated with the performance of the PS4, will only Tests show. In April, Sony is proud to be a finished product in Germany, SPIEGEL ONLINE will be there for you.

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