Horizon Call of the Mountain sera exclusif au PSVR2.

Sony lifts the veil on the future virtual reality headset of the PS5, the PlayStation VR2

Sony revealed at CES the technical characteristics of its new headset and a first game from the license Horizon.

We still don’t know what he looks like. Nor what its release date will be. And even less its selling price. But the future virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5 console became a little more tangible at the CES in Las Vegas. Sony has revealed the name of the device, unveiled its controllers, communicated about the technical characteristics of the headset, and showed a few seconds of a game that will be exclusive to it: Horizon Call of the Mountain, taken from the successful PlayStation license, Horizon.

This game is developed by Firesprite, a studio specializing in VR that Sony bought in September 2021. Firesprite is already the originator of The Playroom VR, which was offered with the first PlayStation VR headset of the name (2016). Horizon Call of the Mountain seems to want to offer a spectacular and immersive HD experience, and be the demonstration of the technical capabilities of the PlayStation VR2.

Cable required

The PlayStation VR2 is not, unlike an Oculus Quest, a standalone headset. It will have to be connected to his PlayStation 5 console, via a USB-C cable, to make it work. So it will limit the playing area. But it will be useless to install cameras in his living room so that the headset recognizes the user’s movements. The PSVR2 indeed embeds the inside-out technology, and therefore includes external cameras.

Inside the headset, the user will face an OLED display with a resolution of 2000x2040p, with a scanning frequency of 90 or 120Hz and a 110° field of view. Sensors will track eye movements. Objective, to concentrate the computing power on the area that the player is looking at, in order to display high-quality graphics. This is called foveal rendering. For more realism, the headset will be able to vibrate.

Sony is abandoning the old PlayStation Move controllers, first released in 2010, in favor of the new PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers. The latter take up characteristics of the PlayStation 5 controller, such as haptic vibrations or more or less resistant keys.

The Sony PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers

Head-on competition with Facebook

Thanks to the PSVR2, Sony could give a boost to the virtual reality market. The power of the Japanese brand in the world of video games is no longer to be demonstrated, and it has the potential to convert the general public to a hobby often perceived as reserved for technophiles. This future headset will also relaunch the competition with Facebook, which is also targeting the same audience with its Oculus Quest range. The Californian group currently dominates the RV market with 3.5 million sales in 2021 according to IDC.

The PSVR2’s sale price, which already requires a 499-euro console to work, will be crucial to its success. Just like a rich, varied and exclusive catalog of games. Otherwise, it risks quickly gathering dust, like its predecessor the PSVR, released in 2016.

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