Sony is preparing a VR wireless PlayStation 2 with inside-out-tracking

Sony is preparing a VR wireless PlayStation 2 with inside-out-tracking

Patents offer a tempting glimpse of what the company is experimenting and may be planning future production, even if many did not reach the stage of ideas. Lately been promulgated the patents Microsoft, Oculus and other companies. Now it is the turn of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) new developments for PlayStation VR, which include possible improved tracking capabilities and wireless connectivity.


PlayStation VR 2 - патент


When you look at the picture there is no doubt that the typeface design reflects the appearance of the PlayStation VR, which may indicate ideas for the PlayStation 2 VR.


For example, in comparison with the competitors headsets such as Oculus Rift / Quest, the HTC Vive or Valve Index, the PlayStation VR lags behind when it comes to tracking devices. The use of a single point in the system, PlayStation Camera, used SIE, means that the headset can offer true scale of the room, as when playing lost controllers. Thus, the patent solves this particular problem by using the track inside-out, placing two cameras in front and one behind (1410) on the vr-helmet.


In addition, the controller PlayStation Move also gets an update with a built-in camera (1730) for tracking purposes. There is one more feature for cameras mounted on the headset, and it allows you to see the world around them. Sounds a lot like a Pascuhrough technology from Oculus that will allow users to see their surroundings without removing the headset, plus there are possible applications of augmented reality (AR).


PlayStation VR 2 - патентный контроллер


When it comes to connections, the patent mentions both wired and wireless options in different ways. It is a headset that may be completely wireless, with built-in power source. Also refers to the design with built-in power supply, but with cable connection for video and audio. Or Vice versa, the video and audio sent over the wireless network when the HMD is connected to the network. Finally, there is a complete wired options, all through a single cable.


These are all functions that SIE should use in its next VR headset, to stay relevant in this field, but it is unknown which way the company goes.


This week Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially confirmed the PlayStation 5 as a successor to the PS 4 along with the launch date in 2020. The current version of PlayStation VR will support a new console, so before the upgrade of the VR is still likely far away.



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