Sony introduces MOCOPI, small motion capture devices

Sony introduces MOCOPI, small motion capture devices

Sony announced the platform today. Mocopi, a set of small tracking devices for 3D body motion capture, which are controlled from the mobile phone and whose result can be used to animate avatars in VRChat, in the metaverse, in video productions or to export their data to development software and 3D applications such as Unity or MotionBuilder.

The system consists of 6 small devices in the form of colored buttons, which the user puts on the head, wrists, waist and ankles. These small trackers capture the movement of the body in real time and transmit it to the mobile phone, from where they are controlled with the Mocopi application. One of the first companies to support this product has been Hikky, specialized in using virtual reality in exhibitions and events, another has been VRChat.

VRChat has led the industry in the area of full-body tracking in VR headsets for PC. With Mocopi we will be able to offer the same functionality for standalone VR headsets. We want users of any VR headset to fully experience the full tracking capabilities of VRChat,” says Jesse Jordley, CTO and co-founder of VRChat

The sensors have a diameter of 32 mm, a thickness of 11.6 mm and a weight of 8 grams, and connect via Bluetooth to a mobile phone with Android 11 or later / iOS 15.7.1 or later system. They are charged in the storage case using a USB-C connector, and their battery lasts about 10 hours.

Its price will be 49,500 yen, about 345 euros, and will be sold only from the Sony online store from the end of January 2023 (at the moment it will only be marketed in Japan, as we have been confirmed). The developer SDK will be available on December 15th. At no time have they mentioned possible uses in PlayStation VR2 games or applications.

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