Solve Cubism puzzles in your living room with the Passthrough update

Solve Cubism puzzles in your living room with the Passthrough update

The developer of Cubism continues to incorporate into his puzzle game all the features that come to Quest, with Passthrough being the last of them. From today we can solve the puzzles of colored pieces by seeing our living room or room in black and white.

Although Cubism was the first title to be able to play at 120 Hz in Quest 2, to use the Passthrouh mode it is advisable to do it at 90 Hz. What we will be able to continue using is our own hands to place the chips instead of the controllers.

This mixed reality is activated from the configuration menu, where we will find options to adjust the brightness and contrast of the Passthrough. In addition to curiosity, playing in this way allows us to do it without being disconnected from the environment, being able to watch our children, see what the cat is doing or take the cup of coffee and take a sip without having to take off the visor.

Thanks to this new feature Cubism it can now be a board game, being able to place the virtual pieces on the real table that we have in front of us, and these will cast shadows on the real surface, increasing the immersion of the experience. To do this we will have to adjust the level of the ground in the Quest Guardian so that it corresponds to the height of that table or desk.

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